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    Hey everyone, I'm new here and I've had a search but not found anything thats helped yet, sorry if I've missed something. I've just upgraded our PC (bought new) and its running windows 10. Our old PC we run Signblazer 6 on was Windows 7 and it worked perfectly with a USB key. I'm trying to get the new PC set up and working but I can't get Signblazer to recognise that the key is installed. I've got SB5 as well, I managed to get that working on an old PC by running a virtual PC with XP on it, after some messing around it worked, but the boss wants SB6 running on the new PC and I'm at a bit of a loss. Every time i start it up it just says no key and shuts down, no chance to change any settings or force anything else. The PC recognises that the USB key is inserted and it lights up as if its all good but still no luck. Its possible that someone installed another program to get it working on the original WIN-7 PC but he's no longer with the company so we're kind of stuck. I'm pretty clued up when it comes to PC's and tech, so I'm fairly certain that everything is how it should be, but maybe I'm missing a vital driver or something along those lines. What I'm asking is, does anyone know how to get this program up and running on the new PC running windows 10, preferably without running any virtual machine. Any help is very appreciated. Thank you. PS: I have the original discs for SB6 and SB5 along with the USB Keys and both work on other PC's (on WIN-7 and virtual WIN-XP)