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  1. I'll try that. It's not the file I know that because it's random. It could be just a text or a few shapes. I just tried your EPS again and it cut it no problem. I'm just beyond irritated. Just tried the file in VinylMaster and it will only cut a DEMO file even though I have my file open and loaded...Not really a true Demo but that's not your fault.
  2. I've been using Illustrator for about 20 years and I've always saved as PDFs so I'm not saving as AI and PDFs. It's a habit. There aren't any gradients at all. I'm downloading the VinylMaster Demo but I resent your EPS to the cutter with all the exact same specs and it cut fine. Like I've said, it's random.
  3. Yes, I've done this in Graphtec Pro Studio and the same problems. I'll try Vinyl Master...
  4. Just did that. Saved your file and opened it directly in Illustrator and sent to cutter and it does the same thing.
  5. Put it at 5 and got the same problem... Video Jan 06, 5 16 14 PM.mp4
  6. HAHAHAHA. I just had it at the standard it's always been at.
  7. How much should I slow it down? I'm going to test the pen in the regular default pen settings. Talk-Aran-Rhiod.pdf
  8. SAME THING. I didn't change anything except for the pen and paper. I still used Condition 1 - Speed 30 Force 9. I'm going to also try it on the PEN setting but here's what I got. Video Jan 06, 4 50 42 PM.mp4 Video Jan 06, 4 51 58 PM.mp4
  9. Ya know...I only did the pen tool test directly from the machine. Let me try that now. I've owned it for a few years. The problem has been a fight probably for a year that just hasn't gotten resolved. Sometimes there is no problem...I haven't figured out any correlation yet.
  10. I meant to put in that that I did it how you recommended in one of the posts I was looking at before I did my own post. You have given a wealth of information but none of it has fixed my problem yet.
  11. I've searched and searched for many months. I've been through troubleshooting with Graphtec, bought the way too expensive "static fixer" and I still have the problem, RANDOMLY!! PLEASE HELP! I'm getting one of three things. GREAT CUT, NO PROBLEMS Straight lines through the middle of my art (my files are clean, it's not that) usually going from an edge to the start of a part of the art. Diagonal lines all over the place, again connecting one part to another (first two pictures showing art at an angle) SOFTWARE: Using Illustrator 2020 - 24.3 (don't dare upgrade for fear of it not working again) Cutting Master 4.3.70 Cut files are simple vectors always and I'm using Siser Easyweed or Siser Glitter. I've also tried bringing a file into Graphtec Studio and it's hit or miss as well. Adjusted knife, have reset to factory settings, restarted both machines, swapped out cords and usb ports. Keep the Graphtec off until I'm ready to use it. Sometimes it cuts just fine, other times it doesn't, many times in the same morning or afternoon. Don't have the money to upgrade right now.