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  1. You've done a whole lot to help me out so far though and regardless if this get's working the way I'd like or not, I want to thank you for how much you've been trying to help me out Thank you so much.
  2. tried following those instructions and still can't seem to find any way to control it manually through the cutter :/
  3. nope, the cutter's control panel reads "now is cutting" and gives me no option beyond the software and keyboard
  4. I'll give that a shot tonight and see what happens
  5. I opened it up to check and see if I can find any visual cues that the IO board might be bad. broken pins, burnt connections, anything like that. I just haven't bothered putting it back in the shell. yea, everything works completely fine like this, there's no weight stressing the ribbon or anything.
  6. Spoke to a USCutter rep over the phone and didn't get much help there, so I've ordered a new mobo and IO :/ Let's see if this helps...
  7. welp . . .:/ got the proper null-modem cable and it's definitely talking to the cutter now. . .but the problem persists :[ Took a video of what I'm talking about and tried to show the connection setup https://photos.app.goo.gl/4As2eHQMsj4gfX4QA
  8. Ok, I did some googling and it looks like the cable I got is NOT a null-modem cable. So I ordered one that states it is and back to waiting again
  9. yup PC/Tripp-Lite/DB9 cable/cutter I even reinstalled the drivers and restarted my machine again just to be sure.
  10. well . . . I got the Tripp-lite and can't seem to get the cutter to talk to the computer :/ I made sure to download the drivers for Win10 from their site, and even made sure to get the latest for the cutter to just in case. and as far as I can tell, it can find the dongle itself just fine, but not the cutter. I made sure to double check the COM# set in the settings is the one popping up in my device manager (which even shows the Tripp-lite by name) . So to test things, I connected the USB and TL and sent a test cut command to each port, one after the other. USB sends command fine, but nothing from the TL. So I opened up the side panel and took a look at the physical connection. . .and everything looks to be fine there too, so doesn't look like it needs a replacement :/ I've attached a screenshot of my settings. I'm not sure what Baud Rate is, but I tried out sending a command with that set to each different setting, but still nothing. On Port type, the other options are USB and Windows port. I can't get USB to show me any connections and not sure what Windows port is either.
  11. Sorry. I normally try to be thorough in describing the setup in question, but I get lax on that when frustrated I think you might have helped me find the culprit though. I'm using Vinyl MasterCut 4.2 on Win10 via USB. and given what you're telling me about the Chinese chipset, and that it's shown this same behavior on a 2nd computer (same OS and software), where commanding it from the computer seems to get wonky, it stands to reason that the USB is acting more like 2 tins and a string. I'm going to look into that serial to USB adapter and hopefully that's the solution. Thank you so much for your help so far!
  12. Yes, you're correct, the registration marks. If I'm not mistaken, the physical panel on the cutter is locked during this part. I'm referring to using the arrows on the software or the keyboard itself. And this is the only time I ever get this issue. It behaves completely fine when I'm manually adjusting things with the cutter's panel.
  13. I have a first gen SC25 that's giving me issue with aligning the laser to the tracking marks on the print. I've run it through the contour calibration and feel like I have the offset dead on correct, but whenever I'm going through the step-by-step for an actual cut, it freaks out when tuning the tracking marks. To ellaborate: I manually align the laser to the first mark. I press next and it moves to the second mark. Then I have to use the arrow keys to adjust the laser to where the mark is. . . but this is where it begins to freak out, and it's not really that consistent in it's behavior but the blade-retainer won't move according to the keys I pressed. For instance, I'll press right and it'll jerk but stay in place, Or I'll press down and it'll move one or two mm down and suddenly change direction and move up. and the weirdest, I'll press right or left and it'll move all the way back to the previous mark and immediately back to the current mark, but to the exact spot it was in . . . And the weirdest part is that, as far as I can tell. . . it's like the adjustments are sticking, but it's preview position isn't because, despite these issues, I've guessed a few times and seem to get the cuts almost dead on. So I'm finding myself constantly crossing my fingers that it won't freak out, but it seems to be a 60-65% chance that it will and I have to start over. . .again . . and again . . and again. . .