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  1. I need to cut some stencils on my SC2 (28") that are larger than the 12x12 backer I have. Is there anything that can be used other than purchasing an A1 size backer?
  2. Tom Godon

    Unwanted Diagonal Lines Being Cut

    Hmmm. I watched it cut. The diagonals it is cutting seem to have something to do with the weeding boxes it is cutting. I think I know what I need to do to resolve it.
  3. Tom Godon

    Unwanted Diagonal Lines Being Cut

    Part of the whole file was an EPS I imported, then added registration squares and text from within SB. The imported EPS parts and registration squares cut correctly. When I cut the text I typed within SB and the registration marks I am getting the 2 diagonal cuts which partially go through the letters. Hope this further clarifies the issue I am having. I am going to try removing the imported EPS parts and see if the issue goes away. I have cut both imported EPS and text I have entered with SB, just not part of the whole project as one file.
  4. Tom Godon

    Unwanted Diagonal Lines Being Cut

    I have design that I am cutting in 3 colors for different parts of the same decal. The first two colors have cut fine, those are vector images. The 3rd color I am cutting is text I entered within SignBlazer. I have tried it two times and both times it cut two diagonal lines across that are not a part of the overall image. Anyone know how to fix this? I have attached the SignBlazer SBD file. The issue is with cutting what is shown in yellow on the image. Aprilia SXV Supermoto.SBD
  5. Tom Godon

    Baseline Cutter Setting Chart

    Thanks. All sounds pretty much like what I have already done. I'll build my own baseline setting chart.
  6. I got my SC2 a week ago and have been playing around with it doing decals for family and friends as a way to practice. I'm really just checking to see if this is available before I start my own chart. Is there a baseline setting chart for cutting different materials with an SC2? I realize each machine and each lot of the same material can vary, so really looking for a baseline setting chart. For example: If cutting 651 start with ### speed and ### pressure If cutting 4 mil mylar stencil material start with ### speed and ### pressure If cutting 7 mil mylar stencil material start with ### speed and ### pressure ...and so on. Thanks... Tom
  7. Tom Godon

    New to Vinyl - Rec'd New SC2 - NO SOFTWARE

    Thanks again. Much appriciated.
  8. Tom Godon

    New to Vinyl - Rec'd New SC2 - NO SOFTWARE

    I have downloaded Signblazer and will play with that until Monday wen I get my SCAL license. Thank you.
  9. Tom Godon

    New to Vinyl - Rec'd New SC2 - NO SOFTWARE

    Yes, I understand that it was download. But there was no license key anywhere in the box for me to use to register the SCAL software and download it.
  10. UPS delivered my SC2 today which I ordered from USCutter through eBay. I ordered it with SCAL4 Pro. I assembled the SC2, connected it to my computer and picked up the envelope labeled IMPORTANT Vinyl Cutter Software Inside only to find it was never sealed and EMPTY. o I did not get the software and license key that was ordered with the SC2. Of course it is Saturday and support /customer service is not open until Monday. So now my plans to get acquainted and practice are now shot until I can contact support USCutter on Monday.