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  1. Yeah, I figured this might be the case. Thanks for the response darcshadow.
  2. Is there a way to adjust the scale of the rulers inside of Vinylmaster? Previously, I was using a 24 inch monitor and when I set Vinylmaster to 100%, the rulers where accurate. I could hold a real ruler up to the screen and an inch on the real ruler was also an inch on the ruler in Vinylmaster. I recently upgraded to a 32 inch monitor and now each inch measures 1.25 inches on the ruler in Vinylmaster. I'm used to working at 100% so I can see the actual size of my projects as I'm working and this really annoys me. Is there an adjustment somewhere or am I just going to have to live with this and work at 75%? Thank you.
  3. Helmut

    how to switch contour rotation

    I know this is an old post and the original poster hasn't logged in since February 20th, but this may be helpful to future readers. Concerning the Prismcut not reading the registration marks and stopping short of the third registration mark, I believe it's a lighting issue since this cutter uses a camera to read the registration marks. Make sure the RGB lights are off and turn on the camera light and it should read the registration marks just fine. As for the second question, if I'm understanding the question, the OP wanted to contour cut in the landscape mode instead of the portrait mode. If this is correct, then all one needs to do is to click on the "properties" tab and go into "print setup" and just change to landscape mode. Once you click "OK", you will see the page has turned sideways and you're now in the "landscape" mode.
  4. Helmut

    Resume Cutting

    If you have a Prismcut, use the "pause" button instead of the "stop" button.