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  1. Bill Curtis

    pressure settings

    Okay, I tried asking this question before and I didn't seem to get a straight answer. I am trying to cut HTV Glitter vinyl for a jacket. I have set my blade up the way in the tutorial. I need to get a pressure setting that will cut the vinyl so it can be weeded. If someone could assist me with this it would be greatly appreciated. I am trying to convert from a Cricut cutter to an MH cutter.
  2. Bill Curtis

    pressure settings

    Thanks... I had the pressure settings at 150g and it didn't cut very well. I have a new blade in my machine
  3. Bill Curtis

    pressure settings

    I am trying to understand the pressure settings on my MH 871-mk2. Is the more pressure the lower the number? I am trying to cut glitter HTV and I made sure the blade was down far enough and it cut the vinyl but it didn't cut enough to weed. Any help would be greatly appreciated.