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    MH871 blade doesn't go up and down

    i guess I'm going to have to call them on monday. I don't really want to load this thing into my tiny vehicle, unless I have no other options.
  2. tequilajade

    MH871 blade doesn't go up and down

  3. tequilajade

    MH871 blade doesn't go up and down

    thanks, that was the issue I was leaning toward myself. is there anything I can do myself, or is this a tech support issue? thankfully I live about 20 miles from USCutter, so at least shipping and all that isn't an issue just the fact that it's absolutely brand new, and isn't working properly.
  4. MH871 running on windows 10. vinyl master cut as spooler software, and adobe illustrator to design. this thing is brand new.... I got it on friday (as in YESTERDAY) and the blade doesn't go up and down. It was to replace a chinese brand one that the cutter/computer communication wouldn't work at all. I had a TITAN for years, and never any major issues. right now, if Cricut made one big enough, I'd get it just to get these damn stickers made that are now way beyond overdue. The blade holder doesn't lift and lower. every 4th or 5th time I power off and reset, the blade will move, but it's uncommon. if I manually press it so it's touching the vinyl, when it cuts, it just drags the blade across and doesn't lift it before starting the next cut. I thought maybe it was a software or design issue, so I tried the test cuts, both provided with vinyl Master, and the test button on the machine. Same story. I took the cover off the carriage to try to see if maybe something was blocking it. it has some resistance if I press on it. if it wasn't an electric copper motor coil thing I'd put a drop of lube in there to see what happens. I can't call tech support till monday, and I'll be back at work then. I can only blame vinyl supply chain for not churning out these stickers for so long any ideas?