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    Cutting rubber sheet?

    im curious about this too -- i'd love to be able to cut thin silicone sheets as well, im wondering if you found something to work out for you?
  2. jeffreyequalitybrooks

    Stencil Material

    i use the ormask 810s a ton and the blue 812? ( i think ) depending on the surface im going on. The grey 810s is lower tach and has a stretchier feel. The ormask that is blue stuff has a high tach and is a bit more rigid. Both tare apart on removal so neither are "re-useable" if you find something let me know! I'm curious if a loose mask might work for your application. If that is the case you might need a cutter that has a carrier as opposed to roll stock feed. hmm -- i really want to know the answer to this too. Keep us updated!