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  1. 1clo1

    Epson ET-2850

    Hello everyone. I have an Epson ET-2850 that I converted to dye sublimation, It has been working fine for a long time now whenever I try to print anything, I always get a paper jam error, I have checked everything, i have even blown any dust out of the printer, but i still get the paper jam error. i should probably add that I am having this issue with Siser Easysubli only. Does anyone have any ideas about what is causing this? Thanks
  2. hello everyone, I have a file with 2 colors, red and white, it is separating the red into multiple files, how do I cut it with the red as one file so I don't waste so much vinyl? I tried to group the file and it still shows it as separate cut files, welding makes it all 1 file and cant cut separate colors. any ideas to get the red as one cut file?
  3. 1clo1

    MH Cutter carriage issue

    Possible, but not sure how that would cause the wire on the carriage to come off, but I have cut several projects so far and it seems to be working fine so I hope I resolved the issue.
  4. 1clo1

    MH Cutter carriage issue

    yeah, I'm considering that I think I may have found the problem, the ground wire on the carriage came off for some reason, I resoldered the wire and it seems to work fine now I will try to cut a project and see how that turns out. I ordered the ground kit that US Cutter offers and drilled a separate hole and removed the paint on the stand to get a better ground and even put 2 ground wires at 2 different places. I am also putting dryer sheets in the vinyl rolls. will keep everyone updated. Thanks for all the assistance
  5. 1clo1

    MH Cutter carriage issue

    Thanks for all the help this far guys, still at a loss, I replaced what I thought was the chip, still didn't work, replaced the motherboard entirely and it worked for about a min made a funny noise, and didn't work after that, US Cutter replaced the motherboard and it still isn't working, any other ideas?
  6. 1clo1


    Thanks for the reply, should I do 1 dryer sheet on each end? where can I get anti-static spray? the cutter is on tile floor, however, the A/C could be causing an issue. I was thinking of drilling a separate hole with a sheet metal screw to the stand, would this be a good idea? How well does the Anti Static kits work, they are only $15, so a small price to pay if they work well.
  7. 1clo1


    is there a particular way to ground the cutter to the stand, I think I fried another Zchip. I have the cutter grounded to the stand, it was cutting just fine since the repair, and in the middle of a cut, it acted like it jammed up and the blade stopped its vertical movement and messed up the rest of the cut. I tried the battery test from last time and it works fine, leading me to believe the motherboard is damaged again. I'm at a loss, not sure what I can do anymore. Aside from upgrading the cutter ( which I plan to do eventually ) what options do I have to make sure this doesn't happen again.
  8. Restarted the program and it worked. thanks for everyone's help
  9. I do all that, when I click ok, it does nothing. Just stays on the export screen.
  10. Thanks, I followed your directions, I think I got the image how I want, however, I can't save it to a file that I can open with VM, I tried to export but I can't get anywhere. any other ideas?
  11. Already tried that, but it doesn't work with that either. ungroup is grayed out and break apart doesn't break that section apart.
  12. Thanks for that, it still dont work I get an error when I try to run the program. ill keep trying to figure things out.
  13. thanks for that info, that link doesn't work. I went to the software page of uscutter and there is no sign blazer. options?
  14. Thanks for that info, however it didn't work, It selects the whole object and won't let me change any one part only the whole object.
  15. Hello, I'm trying to split design colors in vinyl master DSR, the design is all one color, id like to add accent colors to a small portion of it but can't seem to figure out how. Can anyone assist me? Th design is yellow, I want the small portion on the side that sticks out to be a different color. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks