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    Secabo 120CIV the cut is not accurate

    darcshadow the blade rotates freely in the blade holder until I put a drop of fine machine oil. the blade holder does not move in relation to the arm where the blade holder goes. I think it's a displacement problem because I have a 60cm plotter from China and it is the same thing
  2. Bewhite

    Secabo 120CIV the cut is not accurate

    MZ SKEETER can be the blade? because these blades I bought on ebay at a very good price but this must be Chinese. I was looking to see if there was any gap between the car and the blade holder but nothing is all right. Thank you very much for all your help, at least I already know how to fine tune the blade now, just missing the right cuts.
  3. Bewhite

    Secabo 120CIV the cut is not accurate

    slice & dice I already installed the signblazer but it remains the same.
  4. Bewhite

    Secabo 120CIV the cut is not accurate

    MZ SKEETER I did as you said the blade as soon as you see it I leave a photo to see, in relation to the cut it marks the paper but it is very light. Currently I don't have the pen just tomorrow, I can do the test with the pen. But is he not cutting at a right angle due to speed? a or can it still be due to the blade? I'll put a drop of oil on the tip to make the blade looser. The teflon strip has some marks but I am making the cut in a part where it is not marked because I had already thought about it, I put a new one today because as they said it could have broken the end, I did not even express the blade from yesterday. Thank you
  5. Bewhite

    Secabo 120CIV the cut is not accurate

    It is true I am a novice working in an advertising company but I never had the training to calibrate the machines and now I had the opportunity to buy this second hand dryer, MZ SKEETER I already made the correct blade depth. it is cutting without marking the wa x paper. but this is leaving a mark at the beginning of the cut, I marked it with a red circle and I also did a test cutting some letters and the result is very bad. Thanks in advance for all the help.
  6. Hi, I bought a Secabo 120CIV and the software I am using is FlexiSTARTER SECABO Edition 10.5. My problem is the following: the machine cuts up there very well now it is not certain because I will leave a photo attached with a test of cutting the machine, the machine does not end in the same place because it leaves 1 mm away from where it starts where it ends . Is there any tuning for this? I was looking for a post with this question and I didn't find it because if there are any I apologize for repeating the doubt. Thanks best regards