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    Connection Issues with USB to Serial with KeySpan

    Thanks everyone! After ordering the correct cable it worked perfectly. I got this out a gross garage so now I get to clean it up, order some blades and get to work designing! You guys were a huge help. Thanks again.
  2. FletcherSyntax

    Connection Issues with USB to Serial with KeySpan

    Well, I was able to download the trial software and get it installed. I was also able to get it detected in VinylMaster (demo) but when I go to cut I get the "sending to cutter" dialog box and it just hangs. Never sends data... so I'm getting closer but still no luck. Right now I got the Tripp-lite thing connected direct to the cutter and the USB run into my computer. Nothing super fancy going on.
  3. FletcherSyntax

    Connection Issues with USB to Serial with KeySpan

    Well, somewhere I was told to download a driver file called CDM20828_Setup.exe which is a USB serial converter. As far as the cable goes, I used the one supplied with the Tripp-lite adaptor I bought off this site. I didn't install drivers for the adaptor though. I'll try that next. It does list in the device manager as Keyspan USB serial device (COM3) under "ports" which is why I didn't bother hunting down drivers for the adaptor but it's worth a try I guess. I suppose I could try another email address as well but I'm pretty sure that's not gonna help. I own the domain so it's not black listed or anything. I have a few others though. I'll try them.
  4. I recently came upon a MH721 and it seems it doesn't have a USB port. I was instructed to get a keyspan USB to serial adaptor so I did. I hooked that all up and it is showing up in device manager on COM3. I tried to install device drivers and it appears to work however the cutter doesn't show up as a printer in my settings (windows 10). I tried to use SignBlazer and I can find the KEYSPAN in the settings but when I try to cut I get the typical error which I see all over this forum "cannot open the output device. Error initializing cutter". I also tried to do download the VinylMaster demo but I never receive the email to download it (not in spam filter either). I'm willing to buy the software but I just want to see this thing work before I invest any more money in it. Can anyone help?