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  1. To clarify when you say lifting vinyl are you talking during cutting or weeding? Its only in the weeding process where the letters come up with the weeded waste.
  2. I barely have any blade exposed, Id say about 2 mil. or 1/10 to of a credit card. Made zero difference and then I slowly increased pressure always keeping speed at the slow end. This was a fresh blade fresh cutting strip. At this point Id like to think I know how to set blade depth. I just dont think the consistency or quality is there with these machines honestly.
  3. Anyone got any tips? Using pre weeding lines as this stuff will stick if it falls back on itself. Had a heck of a time this weekend running a working design Ive done a few times now with no issue. This time around with a fresh blade it cuts the vinyl but when weeding its always pulling up the letters. I even went as far to put on a new cutting strip which didnt seem to help. Reset the blade depth with the new blade and barely scoring the wax paper. It is cutting the vinyl, but for whatever reason simply wont weed correctly! Tried varying pressures, to top it off the replacement strip they sent me was kinda crappy, now they are back ordered. I have to wonder what kind of consistency you can expect out of these 600 dollars SC2 machines. It feels like 60/40. 60 percent of the time there is some issue that eats up a ton of time. Vinyl quality inconsistent, blade quality, inconsistent 1st and 2nd runs do to cold mornings and static is a thing I guess?? When we do get it working things tend to go great for the length of that run, but then the next time a day later or a week later it requires more finagling.
  4. Im also having this issue running MAC 10.15 and I do not see that option in the get info???
  5. These directions were exactly what I needed. I tried to calibrate the machine myself initially. Which did work. But the method described here takes all the guess work out about the cutter offset! This was super helpful (wish I had remember to look here this morning!)
  6. So I have had some success. Funny enough the people at Craft Edge said contact US cutter lol. Oh the old ping pong support game. Ill get it sorted eventually! I think I have a set of steps for any users who might be struggling as well.
  7. Anyone doing this with success? I think I just about have it figured out and have also posted over on Craftedge. There has to be someone on this forum whose doing this. Im happy to share my current set up, Ive only tested successfully with the pen tool at this point. Hoping to find a user on the board who may have more experience that can answer a few questions I have before cutting a full design.
  8. MDesigns

    SCALP 4 Altering shapes size

    Well looks like user error on this one. I failed to notice the "keep proportions check box in the Position and Size tab.
  9. Can I only proportionally adjust a shape? Lets say I want to stretch the shape tall without increasing the width? This actually doesnt seem possible unless you grab a new shape and draw it to the exact size but once you let go it will only scale up proportionally or scale down proportionally?
  10. As the subject states. Zooming in and out is so ungodly slow with this program what gives? Its not my computer as all other design software I use has never had this issue. It almost makes the program unusable as a designer??
  11. looks like its possible. Thanks for the link.
  12. as the subject states. Looking to know if its possible with the mac sc2 and SC4 software?
  13. I explained the issue I was having and they kinda insisted I try again. It sure looks like they will not fit into the hole on the cutter end. I guess I have to take some photos and even use a micrometer to measure the 2 blade types existing and Roland. Luckily I work in engineering so I actually have a micrometer, but I found it kinda surprising that they could not test it on their end or that they expect customers to be using a micrometer? I'm not at the office right now so I cant really do a sanity check. I tried several times and the blades simply don't fit. The description says they should tho. I also made sure to verify there was nothing in the holder by putting back in an old blade which fit no problem.
  14. Its hit or miss. I would agree SCLAP isnt great to design in. It has no shorcut keys either?? So Ive mostly be designing and importing svg png or now maybe Ill try eps!
  15. So I ordered up some Roland Replacement Blades Description says it will fit US cutter series SC. They dont fit. Anyone one else encounter this. I consider myself pretty mechanically inclined. Its pretty clear to me the diameter is slightly bigger than the ones that shipped with the unit. Its possible Im missing something. I need to check when I get home.