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  1. yes that's why i went with the refurb originally because i've rarely had bad experiences in refurb electronics and i've done that with phones and cameras in the past. the 1st refurb came DOA, the head was jammed and just grinded and vibrated. then the 2nd one was a little better but the feed roller must've been out of calibration and everything was cut squished in that axis, the test star/square was inconsistent, cut different everytime. both unit were dented and scratched even beyond what i thought a refurb should be. so both were returned and decided to go with a new 28" since all vinyl i'm using are 24" wide. anyhow, i took a hammer and lightly tapped the stuck roller assembly and it came unstuck as it was hung up over the machine screw on the rail. these units (MHs) are definitely entry level. i just wanted to get my feet wet on starting my decal/vinyl "business" (more like a hobby), but didn't want to invest in too much from the get go. but i already got 1 job done and a couple more lined up so i might wind up upgrading in the future shall the need presents itself.
  2. so essentially i got another defective unit. this is the 3rd one i ordered (first 2 were refurb 34") and now this....I mean I understand they are value units, but how do they even stay in business?
  3. I just got my 721 (after trying & returning 2 refurbished 871 that did not work). My 721 far right pinch roller is not adjustable, as in it can't not slide side to side, it's in a fixed position about 2.5" away from the right wall. Where in the 871, all 3 rollers were movable. I don't know if that's the way the 721 is or not, but I rather it does move because all my rolls are 24" wide and I would like to be able to slide the material as far to the left as possible because where that 3rd roller is stationary now, it is about a full inch or so right of where the blade can reach and I'm wasting a bit material. Doesn't sound like much but when most my jobs are small decals, it adds up. Can anyone confirm whether that roller is supposed to be stationary or is mine defective? Thanks.