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  1. yes, that is what i am referring to, but i am not currently using sign blazer. i use the generic "letters cutter" driver.
  2. try adjusting the amount of blade that is sticking through the cutting head.... it worked for me on my old roland cutter.
  3. I have two copam cutters. My older one leaves the cut graphic handing out of the front of the machine (which is great). My new machine returns to the original point. I figure there must be a setting to change the origin point, but for the live of me I cannot find it. Your help is appreciated. Thanks Jason
  4. well. i've noticed a few downloads have occurred since my last visit to the forum... anybody having any success?
  5. oh yeah, i did not realize there were different COPAM's. These are instructions for the 2500. Great cutter!!! I prefer it over the Graphtecs I used to own.
  6. the instructions are the file that is 593.5kb, and the copam "letter cutter" is the 27.3 file. enjoy. Cutting from Corel to Copam Instructions.zip Copam Corel.zip Cutting from Corel to Copam Instructions.zip Copam Corel.zip
  7. Attached is a simple set of instructions, which includes some pictures to help in the process. It's 10 mb, so I zipped it. enjoy. Cutting from Corel to Copam Instructions.zip Cutting from Corel to Copam Instructions.zip
  8. :thumbsup: does that mean it worked for you?
  9. Scroll to lower posts for instructions about how to make the Copam cut from CorelDraw. Copam Corel.zip Copam Corel.zip
  10. Jason50

    Crawling Coal Miner

    no problem, just trying to help out.
  11. Jason50

    looking for an vector steam train

    this is a rip from the Purdue Boilermakers, but has worked nicely for me. enjoy old train.eps old train.eps
  12. Jason50

    another MLB request - Red Sox?

    try brandsoftheworld.com if not already mentioned.
  13. Jason50

    Crawling Coal Miner

    try this one! coalminor crawling.eps coalminor crawling.eps
  14. well my only other suggestion would be add more RAM. other than that i have never seen this before. good luck
  15. Jason50

    Eliminating overlapping cut lines in fonts

    here is a brief sample, poor quality pics but it will help a bit on such short notice.