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    Help Identify My Cutter

    I finally got it working. This cutter does not use a standard rs-232 but a frankenstein cable (I had to rewire the cable to allow communication bw computer and cutter.) I think I'll make a Youtube video to explain what I did so that others don't have to spend 20 hours to figure it out too.
  2. Hi all! I recently purchased a plotter cutter and I don't know what brand or model it is. Because of that, I can't figure out what driver I should be using to start cutting. I keep selecting different ones and nothing seems to work. I have removed the top panel of the unit and found Jin Ka printed on the green electronics panel but it looks like there are a lot on "Jinka" models spread throughout a bunch of different brands. Goldencut, Rohs, etc. I'm feeling like I'm nearing a dead end. Please help. Thanks!