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  1. All. My bulk stickers design have a similar slash. Some do. Some don’t. But this thing * will randomly reset no matter where and take off running the X axis. also I didn’t create in VM. I did in Photoshop as VM cut didn’t recognize my on board fonts even when installed on my windows side.
  2. Mh 871 mk2 machine was 2nd hand and worked amazing until recently when I accepted this wedding cup order. Pics below to show what it’s doing. Story: I was recently cutting a bunch of glitter vinyl (small pieces on a cut mat) To get my blade settings right. Switched from 45 to a 60 for intricate parts hada get depth into the glitter 651. It took way too long bc I didn’t see in vinylmaster Cut (yes it’s activated) the angle setting. Finally got it down after wasting a pricey 12x48 on tests. I had the lifting problem a lot. ff : it cuts once perfectly on sample piece. I cut a 12x12 lay it on the mat and proceed to cut My customers desired design and wham the following happened over and over. It started as a diagonal right thru the design. I deactivated and reactivated. restarted windows via parallels tried again. It began randomly lining as showing with the pen test. I removed paint by grounding wire, still persist. Bought a comm to usb wire - didn’t really work. Swapped USB ports. Still continues. I’ve stopped orders for 5 days now due to this. Looking for solutions - sign blazer is an eyesore And I cant find the correct driver even trying red sail. seriously considering a circuit atm.