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    First, it is a press, sorry, we have a POS cutter here also from US cutter, whole other issue. @ Dakotan, read more carefully you dolt, I said i have NEVER had problems with my HIX. @ Bannerjohn: I'm sorry is there a praise to complaint ratio that i missed? As a staff member, your time would be better spent helping your customers, not talking down to them. I guess that's why I own my company and you are stuck in a dead end job. @ Jay, I've called and left numerous messages, which in itself is unacceptable for customer service. Also, don't know where you get 1500 presses in 5 months, I never stated that. BUT, I'm sorry I didn't see a rating on the press as to how many times the handle should go up and down before it broke. And whats breaking down is where(and how) the attach the pivot point on the handle. I have fabricated my own that works, but without the right spacing between holes, which you cannot measure because of the metal wear and fatigue, it still doesn't lock. Once again to BannerJohn, you're an idiot. I expected it to work. I didn't expect to get a cutter with photocopied instruction book, a serial number that was already in use, or a different software title than what was promised. Maybe customer support isn't your thing. Bottom line is this, anyone reading this forum sees how posters are being treated. I'm not the only one with this complaint. Maybe you guys should actually try to resolve your customers complaints so that they can recommend you instead of complain about you.
  2. You should stick to mobile homes...
  3. I very rarely am dissatisfied enough to ask people not to shop with a vendor. HOWEVER, I have had the economy 15x15 cutter for less than a year. after 3 months the handle wore out and the press would no longer lock in the closed position. It took me hours of phone calls, and numerous cell phone texts to a "warranty manager" to get a replacement part. I was told that they don't get any parts from the manufacturer, and they have to take them off new units. Great, not my problem. I have a one year warranty and I need parts, it's their job to figure it out. 5 months later, same broken part, same answer. Except this time, I can't find the one US Cutter employee that cares about his job enough to find me a part. I am absolutely disgusted with the service and quality of the part. I am even more angry that the "support" guy says it's my fault because I must be using it wrong. Really? Pretty hard to misuse a press. I have a swingman that we have used for 4 years with no problems, Looks like we should have stuck with their brand. I'm telling you, don't buy here. S. Martin President: The Needle & Thread Company
  4. I purchased a cutter and heat press in April of last year. The cutter was bundled with half of the software i was promised. I had to go and download the rest only to find out that its antiquated and useless. Not to mention that this particular cutter ( the MH721 ) is nowhere near the kind of cutter we were told we were getting. If anyone wants, I'll sell it to you for $200.00. Its been used for all of 15 minutes. That's how long it took for us to realize that this wouldn't fit our needs. My advice to you people that need a good cutter, the Roland gx24 hands down..... Our 15x15 heat press that we also purchased has already fallen apart. We've had a swingman for over 5 years that we just recently had to replace a wire on. This new press from US cutter has substandard rivets and soft steel in the handle that wears out after about 1500 presses. I've called and left multiple messages with support and feel as if I am being ignored. As I write this, I am on hold AGAIN, waiting to see if US Cutter is going to honor my warranty. I'll let you know how it pans out. We'll stick with Stahls from here on out. They actually take my calls and fix their warrantied products.