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    Yet another pricing question

    Thanks for the advice. I came across this with a design I did for myself. It looked really sweet on the computer and then I thought "there's no way I can turn that into vinyl". Lol.
  2. Ron Stewart

    Yet another pricing question

    Thanks for the answers. I had never thought about actually selling the design itself. When I was asking about charging for it I was referring to the time involved to do the design just like screen printers charge. I guess I need to get some copyright agreement in place in case a customer wants the design, otherwise it will be mine. They aren't paying for the design itself just the time it took to create it. I thought about calling a few places just to see what the market is paying for services but I haven't done it yet. I do realize that I don't have a brick and mortar building either so I have less overhead but I need to charge accordingly if I ever want to grow to be that big. Can't be charging cheap rates cause of low overhead and then raise prices just because my overhead grew. At least that's what makes sense to me.
  3. Ron Stewart

    Yet another pricing question

    Hmm... Never thought about that. If they buy it then I can't use it for anyone else I guess. But at the same time, I don't want to sell a design to someone and then they have Aunt Sue make it with her Cricut machine.
  4. Ron Stewart

    Yet another pricing question

    I appreciate the responses. After I made my original posts I went back and thought about it and I can't charge $50 for the artwork cause it didn't take that long for me to create it. Or should I say it shouldn't have taken me more than about 10 minutes. I was thinking in terms of what screen printers charge for artwork. Darcshadow, that's a good idea. I think that's the way I'll build all of my prices. Thanks
  5. Ron Stewart

    Yet another pricing question

    Ok. I just redid my question cause I didn't like the way I worded it after I read your reply. You would only charge $50 to design the piece, cut both colors, weed both colors and then install it? I definitely understand giving a break if you're in the area already and I know first hand about screwing up. Lol. I had to redo two lines of text on my second job which was a window sign.
  6. Hello all, I'm just getting started doing vinyl signs and graphics. My plan was to do t-shirts but I kinda fell into a couple sign jobs so I did them and I really enjoyed it. I didn't worry about pricing the first two jobs cause the customer offered to go some trade out work with me and I thought there was good value in it but now I've had a customer ask about doing a window graphic. The design is text that is outlined, 2 colors, and is 10" x 32". I plan on charging $50 for the artwork, plus charging for the decal, and charging for the installation. Am I wrong to charge for all this labor? If not, how do I price the decal and the installation? I appreciate any help if you're not tired of answering such a question.