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  1. HazzCoDaisy


    Anyone out there have fireworks, firecrackers, or anything like that? Thanks in Advance. Ive got almost anything you'd want in trade.
  2. HazzCoDaisy

    Maltese Cross

    I can email a couple if you'd like.
  3. HazzCoDaisy

    Is anyone making Decals for sport watercraft

    That's exactly what i'm thinking. Thanks again VM.
  4. HazzCoDaisy

    Is anyone making Decals for sport watercraft

    Thanks for the input guys, i really appreciate you taking the time to reply. I prepped like this. Removed old vinyl, which was a very heavy printed sticker, im thinking some kind of coated stock .. extremely heavy. Used Rapid Remover to strip adhesive, cleaned all parts with soap and water and a toothbrush because the piece was dingy, and then used rapid tac to prep. I applied dry, covered the area with the white vinyl first then trimmed, cleaned up around the rivets, and hit the entire thing with heat. Lots of heat i was really pushing it. I layered the black and silver on the table and applied in one piece. The vinyl is fresh and i have not had any problems with anything else from the same rolls; then again nothing else off these rolls go underwater at high speeds! Lol. I just got these panels back in the shop a little bit ago and i guess it turns out that actually only the money side came up. The passenger side looks like it got hit and ripped by something external. I'm not sure what but it's definitely not an adhesion problem. During practice or a race this decal is completely immersed at speeds up to almost 100mph. It would have only taken a tiny corner to come up to take the entire thing off. The plastic is a bit porous, so my partner is thinking of putting down a later of spray adhesive then applying the white and squeegieing out from the center, trimming, curing that with heat and waiting a day to apply the number. Any other ideas? It turns out this guy's next race isn't until next weekend so i have until this Sunday before those panels go back in the water for practice. Good news. I don't know guys .. this one is gonna be trial and error, i think. Thanks in advance for any advice.
  5. You know the one. Another topic got me thinking about this. We all have a "the customer is always right" job that is so bad you duck when it drives by. I have a few! One i had to do a few months ago was a windshield banner that said "DODGEY STYLE" all caps. Thank God it was not in brush script or comic sans or i might have tipped over or just given it up all together. I have more .. but it's your turn!
  6. HazzCoDaisy

    today's job

    It can be difficult dealing with a customer who is convinced but remember your name is louder than his on the trailer. That trailer is a moving billboard and if you explain visibility and eye appeal not many object. That being said i still have to duck when the truck with the "Dodgey Style" (allcaps) banner drives by the bar or the sportster with the horribly matched "ghost" skulls pulls up beside us. All i can do is smile when someone walks by wearing the 4th of July "wanna bang" shirts (with no freakin' question mark!) All due to when the money's on the table the customer IS always correct.
  7. HazzCoDaisy

    My 1st ORDER!!

    I love it. Nice job.
  8. HazzCoDaisy

    illuminati shirts

    I am familiar with the Illuminati. I hope they paid you well for the rush job. Nice work!
  9. I am pulling my hair out on this sled. I have a nice plastic panel to put numbers on. Problem is they keep coming up. Here is what ive been doing .. Covering the panel with Oracal Cast Vinyl in white, then layering silver over the white, hitting it with some heat to seal and letting him go. Its coming up on both sides, not just the money side. Do most of you use a marine grade vinyl? Maybe someone can print these for me? I don't know. Ill letter them again for the weekend and see how to fix it better next week.
  10. HazzCoDaisy

    Auction site

    I'd check it out. You do concessions? Id love to talk to you about that as we are about to open the doors of our concession business in about 3 weeks.
  11. HazzCoDaisy

    apllying vinyl to drinking glasses?

    Stabilize the glass with an extra pair of hands or a felt lined vice. You would be amazed at how much better you can do with two hands. And ditto the hinge method. I also apply wet on glass sometimes even though i hate it. Good luck!
  12. HazzCoDaisy

    Help with this graphic

    How nice of you Music! Turned out great!
  13. HazzCoDaisy

    Help getting business

    We leave high end business cards wherever we go and honestly besides word of mouth has brought me more business than anything i've ever tried. Sounds simple. The times are so different than they were a few years ago .. you gotta try anything you can.
  14. HazzCoDaisy

    Need a few tshirts

    I can do them for 15 each. Less if you're supplying the shirts.
  15. HazzCoDaisy

    Too Good To Be True?

    I bought a heat press that was way too good a deal once. Run.