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  1. Thanks! I will just try to make it a point to make them match. I just happened to notice that they are backwards and that might have contributed to my issues so far. My cutter has "Speed" then "Force". I obviously didn't pay close enough attention to the software because it has "Force" then "Speed". It's fixed now. Sigh...
  2. Great point!! My only experience has been with a Cricut. I let it do everything, never took any initiative to try to override anything it did. I see that my cutter goes to 800 so I've set it at 245. My blades say 0.3mm offset, so I assume that's where I start and adjust from there, if needed? I'm about to run another cut job and see how these adjustments work. I can tell it's improving but there are still one or two places where the cut is missed. Fingers crossed I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your encouragement. I've been really wondering if I've made a huge mistake with my investment. I haven't actually called USCutter for support. Is that something I should consider?
  3. What has the ultimate control over speed and force, the cutter or the software? I notice they don't match...
  4. I've followed your instructions on setting the blade depth. I probably read most of the hundreds of posts you've made about it Where does the offset come in? I'm cutting slow with high pressure. Most of the word cuts ok, then the last letter won't cut straight through, so it pulls up when weeding.
  5. Thanks, everyone, for your feedback!! It's certainly a lot more detailed than I could have hoped for. I'm struggling right now with cutting text on the Sizer Easyweed Stretch HTV. It absolutely will not weed. I'm going to go thru the suggestions above. Part of my problem is a complete lack of experience with the PrismCut to the point that I have no references as to what changes constitute a noticeable increase or a decrease. The settings used in videos by PMPerformance on YouTube show a speed of 400 and a pressure of 70. If I start there and the results aren't what I'm looking for, how much change should I start with? Do I change both speed and pressure at the same time?
  6. Thanks for your feedback!!
  7. Hi slice&dice... The only design I did in that example was the dog. The rest were given to me. I see your point though and will suggest a fix going forward. I am not a professional designer, nor have I had one ounce of education regarding design, so the concept of "kerning" is lost on me
  8. New to PrismCut. Upgraded from a Cricut Explore Air 2. Among my various jobs, I do a lot of shirts and decals for a local scout troop. Their logo has an eagle with some smaller details. See uploaded images and know it's cut at roughly 3"x3" on HTV and 5"x5" on exterior vinyl. The Greenstar exterior vinyl I have for decals will not weed without everything pulling off the backing. I thought the problem was my Cricut, so bought the PrismCut. First attempts to cut and weed the eagle have not been successful. Everything is pulling off the backing whether HTV or exterior vinyl. I've done another job with larger letters and very little detail, using the Greenstar exterior vinyl, without issue. This is also my first time using Greenstar. Is it the vinyl? Is it the cutter? I've set the blade depth as Mz Skeeter instructed, not using the 1/2 credit card, but setting the blade to barely cut the vinyl layer then inserting in cutter. It cuts perfectly fine on large, basic cuts. Anything detailed or just smaller fonts will not weed without pulling everything off the backing. Here's some of the questions I have and I really appreciate any feedback you can give! 1. Do you use a mat with HTV? 2. What speed/force should be used when using HTV? ...when using exterior vinyl? 3. Does the pressure change whether using a mat vs not? 4. If someone has experience using both VinylMaster LTR and Sure Cuts a Lot, can you tell me which software you prefer and why? I'm really trying not to get discouraged with my purchase. There are so many things I love about the PrismCut, not the least of which is the ability to cut larger designs and to be able to utilize every bit of vinyl width without a margin. I am really struggling with how to accomplish the smaller letters and details that I was able to do with my Cricut where weeding isn't so frustrating! I've destroyed a lot of vinyl in the last couple of days. I appreciate any help I can get!
  9. MrsYee

    Text below the arc

    I FINALLY FOUND IT!!! The trick was having the right items selected in the software to get the option to show up! Lord, this can be so frustrating! I have VinylMaster LTR and absolutely cannot find the tool to move the text from the top of the arc to the bottom with the word reading from left to right. I can move it to the bottom showing as if in a mirror. That's not what I need. HELP! I'm really starting to regret getting away from my Cricut. At least its software was intuitive. I'm not finding VinylMaster LTR to be that user friendly!!
  10. MrsYee

    Reflective HTV

    Is it a secret? :) I'd be interested to learn this information, ,too!
  11. Thanks for your responses! I do have a stand, at least one that will work for a good while. The floor has to act as the catcher, but that's ok with me I'll compare the SC2 and the Titan...
  12. I currently use a Cricut Explore Air 2. I would like to step up to a bit larger cutter that can accommodate wider vinyl. My budget is $1000. I do not need a stand. I will need some mats to get started but other than that, I'd like the bulk of my expense to go towards the best cutter I can get for my money. I have a couple custom design jobs. One of them has a layered logo, of which I've uploaded an example. It's imperative that I be able to create this logo moving forward. I'd appreciate some recommendations for cutters in this price range. Thanks and have a blessed day! Rita Yee
  13. I didn't say it wasn't posted elsewhere on their website. My point was that customers such as myself, who have been visiting the call center for years, may not think there was a need to "click for more details". Hence, the suggestion to simply add the time to the front page. I blame no one but myself for not getting there earlier, although it really would have been nice to have been offered a reprieve since my order was paid for. It is what it is. I was simply making a suggestion to avoid others from suffering the same outcome.
  14. I saw the nice big banner on the home page that the "Memphis Call Center Is Now Open". Arrived at Memphis Call Center at 4:36, to be told (through the door) that they closed at 4:30 (instead of the normal 5:00). I suggest adding the new will-call hours to the nice big banner so that no other customers will waste 45 minutes of their time, unnecessarily burn gas, and avoid a huge amount of frustration only to leave empty handed and have to do the entire trip again in the morning. Had I known of the time change, I'd have chosen the free shipping and avoided the trip altogether since I ended up having to wait another day anyway!