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  1. I didn't say it wasn't posted elsewhere on their website. My point was that customers such as myself, who have been visiting the call center for years, may not think there was a need to "click for more details". Hence, the suggestion to simply add the time to the front page. I blame no one but myself for not getting there earlier, although it really would have been nice to have been offered a reprieve since my order was paid for. It is what it is. I was simply making a suggestion to avoid others from suffering the same outcome.
  2. I saw the nice big banner on the home page that the "Memphis Call Center Is Now Open". Arrived at Memphis Call Center at 4:36, to be told (through the door) that they closed at 4:30 (instead of the normal 5:00). I suggest adding the new will-call hours to the nice big banner so that no other customers will waste 45 minutes of their time, unnecessarily burn gas, and avoid a huge amount of frustration only to leave empty handed and have to do the entire trip again in the morning. Had I known of the time change, I'd have chosen the free shipping and avoided the trip altogether since I ended up having to wait another day anyway!