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  1. dhawk

    Old Plotter I have ....

    I don't have a good answer to your question....but it would seem easy enough to put together a W98 box to run it if there was no other alternative.
  2. dhawk

    multi color designs

    Cut a larger solid color that would be positioned behind the primary graphic.
  3. dhawk

    2nd Store Front

    I like it! Very nice job.
  4. dhawk

    Quick question

    Yes you can.
  5. dhawk

    question about a sign

    We need much more information. What type of business? How big is the sign? How does it need to be mounted and what is it being mounted on? Did the customer express a concept or preference? Are there any local zoning restrictions?
  6. dhawk

    Couple of designs....

    SignAmigo, You have a great talent. Your designs are creative and inspiring. I have also seen your work at the Signforums.com site. Glad to see you here too.
  7. dhawk

    Valentines Day

    Ok everyone, we have just a little under a week before V-day. Who is going to be creative and give the SO a special vinyl gift, word wall, tile, stone blast, glass blast/etch, or anything that we do as a Valentines day gift?
  8. dhawk

    Paint removal on a boat

    I would suggest making the paint removal the boat owners problem and only supply the vinyl product and installation. It sounds like a huge liability to me. If you happen to use the wrong chemical or processes to remove the existing signage and cause further irreversible damage, you could be liable to provide corrective repair of the existing gelcoat or paint.
  9. I saw plate stands in Walmart last week, in the hobby/craft section last week for around $2-3 ea.
  10. dhawk

    need some help with this

    That picture is not going to vectorize well. Too many color blends going on next to each other. What is it you are wanting to get from the pic? If it is just the boat details without all the water and backround...that may be doable.
  11. Are those design elements on each end done with gold leaf?
  12. dhawk

    WALL ART can someone help me

    You will eventually find that you will need/want a design and editing program. There are several programs that do a very good job. Inskape is free and a very powerful vector image software package...http://www.inkscape.org/. Corel Draw or Adobe Illistrator are also great programs, but are not free and have to be purchased. Which ever one you choose....practice, practice, practice. There is a good size learning curb with all of them.
  13. dhawk

    Anyone know of anyone that sells cut down rolls

    smallsigns, what kind of blade do you use on your chop saw?
  14. dhawk

    Re-designed shirt

    Dion, That is Great! I Will be stealing and sharing that
  15. dhawk

    CD to AI - help me plzzzz

    http://www.savefile.com/files/1953448 http://savefile.com/files/1953445 See if this works?