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  1. It is a small design for hats, I have cut it in the past for sure and it has worked, But finding the depth "sweet spot" for this material is a time consuming and product waisting thing. I will try these things and see If I get results! Thanks for your advice!
  2. I have the MH871. When I first got it I could cut just fine with it. I am trying to cut glitter HTV and have cut this in the past just fine. Every time now I try and cut, this is what I get. I have replaced blades, I have messed with settings for hours, I try and find the "sweet spot" but for the life of me I cannot find it. I am so frustrated. I adjust both blade up and down, pressure up and down. I have tried all three angle blades to see if that fixes it. I have owned a graphtec in the past and never ever had issues with that machine like this. Does anyone have any ideas? As you can see in the image, it cuts part and lifts the other without cutting. This is a whole sheet of 7 cuts, all of the same graphic but nothing I do makes it cut properly. PLEASE HELP!