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  1. Hello US Cutter Forums. I'm new to this forum and I'm new to vinyl cutters. I do powder coating jobs and I bought a silhouette cameo 4 specifically to cut high temp polyester masking tape to cut down my time on masking brake calipers and other projects. I played with the basic software Silhouette has and it seems easy enough. The part that I need help with is the blade settings. To save me time with playing with the settings I was wondering if anyone can help me. The material I will be cutting is a Lined green polyester tape that I purchased from powderbythepound. It is a 12" x 32 yard roll that I will be running through my cameo. It says its a 2mil thickness. Does that mean the blade depth needs to be adjusted to setting 2? I have the autoblade that came with the machine. Also what do you guys recommend for force and speed settings?