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  1. Im brand new on the forum and extremely desperate. I really hope you guys can help me with an answer so here it goes. I currently work for an aircraft company that deals in interior parts for some big hitters in the industry Lockheed, boeing, gulfstream etc. I work in the paint department and part of my job is masking parts for electrical contact points. some of the stuff I work on Ive had to do manually and it has required a CNC 2d template from a waterjet. this is something the programming guys put together using a program called mastercam. (massive pain in the you know what). recently my boss bought me a plotter not sure what brand.. its fairly cheap its about 12inches width and it came with a copy of Signmaster cut. it cuts a medium known as green echo dot film. It does the job great. I can make squares and put radiuses in the corners pretty well.. some of the work I do is extremely detail oriented and requires measurements down to .000, it can have negative and positive radiuses, angled lines you name it.. I just haven't been able to do it with signmaster. I can technically freehand the exact shape I need. I just don't have a way to enter the data accurately from the blueprint so when I cut it out everything lines up. So here is the question.. do you guys know of a software or solution that I could use to tackle this with? is there any software that would let me implement a mastercam extension? I am desperate on a fix for this.. been fighting it for about 3 months now. id love to show a blueprint of some of the stuff I work with , but due to ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations). Its a no go. AKA potentially charged with treason.. most of the stuff ive been working on lately is for the F16 Hornet. Any Questions or ideas are surely welcome... thank you all, -Chase
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    Software For Complex and Intricate shapes

    Your correct.. I work in the industry and cant even think of the correct plane.. I just got off my 3rd 12hr shift. I cant even think.. Suprised I didnt call the f16 a jumbo jet. Lol.. Unfortunately I think the only option is DXF according to the file list. The F16 is the falcon. F35 is the lightning 2. Thank you guys for your input. I know in my original post I stated some very fine precision. On the F35 ive got as much as a .100 tolerance. Lockheed is quite forgiving.. Most of the stuff Ive had cut out has been + or — in the hundredths from my original input. So far inspection hasnt kicked it back. I can import .eps which is good. Im not sure if master cam will import .eps I think if so.. It will need a special extension. So you guys think inkscape might be worth looking into?