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    Poor Customer Service

    Thank you. They just don't seem to answer the phone, so I am just trying all avenues.
  2. Made a recent order and was please with the ease of placing an order, but after that....not pleased at all. 1. No way to contact anyone via email - I can't find an email address anywhere on the site. 2. Received partial shipment of products and there was one wrong item, and I had no choice but to call - and then the phone rang and rang, before choosing to "talk to a rep" and then the waiting music was too long after 10 minutes, so I left my number for a callback, which never happened - TWICE 3. I am on East coast so, there is a 3 hour delay on my end, but I tried to call one time around 3pm and get a message that "we are closed for lunch" Seriously? I would like a way to speak to someone at USCutter - received a product that I did not order, and there is also no sign of it on my invoice. Would think y'all would need it back, unless it is a promo item and I just didn't know about it. Additionally, my invoice shows that one product was delivered and signed for, but no one has a recollection of receiving it. It was a MONDO cutter, so I assume it would be a long package...nothing in receiving fits this description. You may contact me at brian.jackson@sumterschools.net
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    Who is your GOTO for Shirts

    Try www.rgriley.com They're a lot of closeout and 2nd's but prices are awesome. Most recent purchase was the "comfort color" brand for $2 each. Can't buy in less than a dozen of each size, but price seemed worth it.
  4. OLineCoach1

    New Member Hello!

    Just a friendly hello from a new member. I am a high school graphics teacher using a HP Latex 365 printer and separate HP Cutter. I use Flexi SAi software as well. Difficult times right now being out due to COVID, but just trying to learn new tips, etc. Thanks - OLineCoach1 www.gamecockgrafx.com
  5. OLineCoach1

    Produce Labels - Question

    Have a local farmer who wants me to print labels for his strawberries. Rounded rectangle, approx. 1.5" high by 3.5" wide. I have done about 500 already, but he would like them on individual rolls, rather than on my 54" wide sheet. I use a HP Latex 365 and HP Cutter. Farmer would like rolls of 500 so he can just peel and stick. Any ideas or help?