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  1. Just an update to the future googlers - you were correct, I needed to purchase an upgrade to the VM software. it was 50% off and a business account so bada-bing. Punch out is now available along with much more functionality. Made a couple adjustments - heres the final product. Thanks all - you can close the thread
  2. im in a pinch for time on this one but one day i would like to learn how to do it myself in case this situation comes up again
  3. that's it - thank you very much
  4. here you go - thanks s_d target.eps
  5. yes, thanks, but before we get off topic - it is 6 MIL mylar, I've cut successfully many other templates for spray paint, and i use a mat and pre-made designs. Im only worried about the graphic in this thread, not the process/procedure of cutting it out. If there isnt a way to do it easily on VM i will try the other other options that skeeter suggested. just didnt feel like dl'g another program and another learning curve.
  6. yes, exactly. 6mm would be a little too thick i would think appreciate your concern but that doesnt help the issue at hand
  7. hmmm, i dont see this option on VM Cut? I only have weld, combine, break apart. is it called something else or found somewhere else?
  8. Hello all - I need to make a stencil out of clear 6mil mylar to spray paint on the floor. I've made the design I want but I need to cut it differently than vinyl so the middle doesnt "fall out". To do this I want to basically break the lines on the hash marks. I've included pics of the wire frame i designed and what im trying to do. I want to only cut out the red. What would be the easiest way to accomplish what I want to do? Thanks!