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  1. Software: VinylMaster DSR Experience with Cutter& Software: 1 Month Pieces Cut: 3 Good, Several Bad Hello Everyone, first off this is my first post. So my name is Danny Pritchett. I was offered a job by a guy that is local to me that makes signs. I am a computer nerd but have little experience in design work and graphics. So a month ago this guy just shows up at my front door with a US Cutter MH-871 and says here ya go. Now this is what I need made. It came with the Cut version of the software. The arched text he wanted I couldn't figure out how to do with Cut. He fussed me out saying the program could do it. I told him it wouldn't and if he thought he could, do it himself. So I talked him into upgrading to the DSR. I got through that project with some damaged vinyl and roller issues. Still yet to resolve by the way. Well here we are today a month later and I have played around with the software and watched videos to learn how to navigate the software enough to do basic stuff. I'm still learning as I go. Well now hes making a mailbox for a friend. He sends me a photograph of the mailbox when he made it in the 90s that was very damaged and the photo looked like it had seen better days. A tree had fell on the actual box so I was given broken pieces as well to "Reproduce". After getting my measurements I started working on it. I managed to rebuild the whole thing by scratch which made me proud to have learned enough to do so. The issue I am having is making the nodes look nice and rounded even though I tell the program to make them round, and to make the rounded areas the correct size. Any pros out there care to walk me through it or maybe fix it for me and explain how you did it so that I know in the future. If you need a file just let me know what I would need to send. Thanks so much. The outside black border needs to be 3/4" all the way around, then a 1/4" inside of that, and then another 1/4" then the green area is where the address will be. I can't figure this out. Danny Pritchett Mailbox Bottom.eps
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    Newbie: Making Rounded Corners Meet Measurements

    Thanks BikeMike. That will help at least get this done. Now if I could figure out how to do that in Vinyl Master DSR. My method was to make rectangle shapes and to just round the corners with nodes. My boss says I can make an outline and do the same thing and much simpler but he doesn't know how with this program as it's difficult for him. He's a Navy Vet and about 70 years old. Sometimes he refers to a program he had back in the day for a plotter machine but I tried telling him software today is much more advanced than his click and make kind of stuff.
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    Newbie: Making Rounded Corners Meet Measurements

    Yea VinylMaster DSR will be my main toolbox. I just really need something simple for now to use in times that I cant figure out how in Vinyl Master. Ill check it out and see what I think. Some of the tools I have in DSR are pretty neat but when I click one thinking its what I am looking for, it turns out to be something else.
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    Newbie: Making Rounded Corners Meet Measurements

    The overall dimensions of this board on the mailbox is 29" long and 7 1/2" wide. I can't seem to get the borders exact. I see the little line moving back and forth on the ruler and when I snap it, it just doesn't seem even all the way around. Are their any programs better than this?
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    Newbie: Making Rounded Corners Meet Measurements

    If anyone fixes this, please tell me how you did it. He makes mailboxes a lot and I will need to manipulate corners etc. regularly. I just don"t want to lose my first job in four years because I can't perform needed tasks. This program is a little difficult for me to understand. So I am really trying to cram like I used to for exams in a short period of time to do necessities for the job. Worst off the guys payment declined so if he don,t pay in 24 hours the software will deactivate.
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    Newbie: Making Rounded Corners Meet Measurements

    EPS added to original post.
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    sublimation for those thinking of expanding

    Nice. What equipment do you use to print these?