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  1. I opened a support ticket with vinyl master and recieved this reply After you apply the eraser, select the image go to the Images (menu) and click Convert to Bitmap and then trace that.
  2. I have photoshop. It didnt seem to work as well? The normal eraser seemed better? I turned down the tolerence too
  3. Just had a play around with the demo version of the next version up vinyl master DSR. That has a seperate mask module which includes the magic brush and eraser which is what im looking to do. The eraser just erases anything and the brush will erase around a object for removing the background
  4. Yes. I can import a raster image into vinyl master and it allows me with the eraser tool to erase anything i want from the image. I had a image and chopped half his head off, but when it i try to vectorise it the trace in the full image with the part ive erased? I even saved it with the erased part, reopened it and it was still the same? thanks
  5. What i basically want to do is remove?erase areas from a raster image....The XPT version has a mask option but its another £450 to upgrade and i can not find the magic brush in the pro version?
  6. Its great the "help" button but i find that you start watching a video or reading up on it and then you look at your version and try to find the button or feature and its not on your version only the higher version! At the bottom of each video it say Please note: The tools/features listed here may only be available in VinylMaster LTR, PRO, DSR or XPT which does not tell you a lot?
  7. Hi how do you erase parts of a logo/image? First I imported a jpeg logo/image into vinylmaster I then select the eraser and it allows me to erase whatever areas I want removing, it shows the chequared background behind the erased bits? Then when i vectorise it the erased parts come back and are vectorised in the vectorise window. So i accepted the result and then tried to use the eraser on the vecorized logo/image and it does nothing? So how can i erase parts of a logo/image ? Before or after vectorizing? Thanks
  8. Is that because it cuts better of just because it speeds the process up and due to the large size of the letters going faster doesn't matter?
  9. Many thanks, I'm sure I will have more questions....impressed so far, it very quiet when in use. Is there any benefit on running it on a faster speed? Is it to just make it work faster? At slower speeds would you always get a better cut? I'm in no rush when I cut out so would it be better to just leave it at its slowest?
  10. I had delivered my Liyu DF631. Installed really easy, just a few clicks on the install and it was up and running. Im waiting for some vinyl to arrive so I thought I would have a play with the plotter. A couple of questions? When it plots it's fine but inbetween each letter it leaves a line? Does that mean the pen needs adjusting? Wants to be a little higher and then more pressure? What is the origin button for? Thanks
  11. Thanks How rated are these ones? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/281918980519 There seems a lot the same Chinese made? But different colours etc. It would be used for occasional use not banging t shirts out all day
  12. I was looking at the comparison chart. I assume if it's got a green dot in the chart, it's got it? But is a black dot only part of it compared to no dot?
  13. Yes of course I aim to get to know the software like the back of my hand....I will have plenty of time in lockdown! The one thing that made me go for the Pro version was, I was playing around with vectorizing images on the demo ltr and pro versions and on the pro version you got another tool bar on the left in the vectorizing window. Haven't worked out what each one does yet but I thought more the merrier?
  14. What's the pros and cons on clamp vs swing heat presses? Thanks
  15. I finally bit the bullet after many weeks looking and ordered a Liyu DF631 cutter. I decided I may have quite a lot of free time due to the lockdown so will be able to spend a lot of time getting to grips with the cutter and the software. 24 inch with servo motor. I bought vinylmaster pro to go with it.