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  1. Hi I googled how to add extra weeding lines to a piece ready to be cut and found this from a few years ago... I sent file to cutter etc and can add a weedbox but can not find how you can double click on the edge to add more? Am i on the right track? thanks
  2. thanks that works a treat
  3. Hi many thanks I will have a look...I have the DSR version so should be on there?
  4. Hi all, I can add registration marks to my work in the final cut page, but wondered how i could add them earlier? I would prefer marks to be not so vinyl wasting so closer to my work piece? I can add some stars in my design to act as marks but when it goes to cut they are only on the colour you add them has? Is there an easy way to say add 4 stars and then for them to appear on each colour you are about to cut? thanks
  5. Hi sorry there dont seem to be a Liyu brand in the list? Just had a play around with it and i ran a long piece through, it was ok but the biggest problem seems to be getting it in square with the machine? 1mm out of square and by the time it gets to the other end its drifted quite a bit. So i squared it up the other way and it was a lot better. Ive stuck a piece of tape between the edge of the machine and the vinyl so im not trying to square up a 2 inch gap with the tape its 1/2 gap now?
  6. It's the Liyu DF 631 cutter I have with servo motor thanks
  7. Do people usually cut a piece of vinyl a little longer than their logo etc, or leave full roll on rollers and pull some out so it's free from the roll and cut at end?
  8. Ok yes good idea so use the directional buttons to move it to the end of the piece. I remembered when I was looking at software I tried a few different free trial copies and one of them had lots choices of different ways how it cut I can not see anything on vinylmaster? Thanks
  9. Hi what do you mean by pre jog ? Thanks
  10. Any tips on aligning the vinyl before you start to cut? How do you avoid drift? Thanks
  11. Trying to size the design to be as big as poss, If im using 610mm vinyl what size would the max be, leaving some room either side? Or can i nearly cut the full 610mm ? thanks
  12. Ok thanks will do I wont bother with the generated ones as they put them wide thanks
  13. Ok thanks but the registration marks option appears just before cutting and it appears on a pop up window which is not editable? Or do you mean add them to your design manually before the cut screen?