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  1. dvddvd

    What font?

    Anybody know what font this is ? https://images.app.goo.gl/7dQivExdCPfyd8UC9 Thanks
  2. Sorted it! Its quite hard to select 2 objects before using the punch tool. Is there a way to select 2 objects using the object tool bar on the left of the main screen? instead of trying to put a box around the two objects? thanks
  3. I managed to punch out the letters on the green rectangles but the red rectangle wont allow me to punch out the letters?
  4. Hi to get a bit of practice in ive grabbed some signs and tried to replicate them. This one looks great but when i try to cut it it cuts a red rectangle and then cuts the letters in white seperatly ? also its the same with the green rectangle? What im trying to do is have a red rectangle with the letters cut out and then two green strips with the letters cut out...the white will be the wall colour? thanks STAR CLUB.vDoc
  5. dvddvd

    Multi layer vinyl?

    I only want the light to pass through the white opal perspex not the vinyl thanks
  6. dvddvd

    Multi layer vinyl?

    Ok thanks as i said i can not print because lots of the design is in free air its not just a block of stacked vinyl there are hundreds of tiny bits to the design which are away from the main part. Which in the end will be stuck to a piece of opal perspex with a light shining through..thanks
  7. dvddvd

    Multi layer vinyl?

    Ok thanks, why do people layer from top down? It fries my brain a little thinking about doing it that way...
  8. dvddvd

    Multi layer vinyl?

    It's a design where some of the parts are layered on top of another vinyl but lots of the different coloured layers are in a space and not touching another layer so printing would not be an option. Its worked doing the layers wet but it took some time to do....thanks
  9. dvddvd

    Multi layer vinyl?

    Hi thanks so are you saying that only paper application tape is suitable for doing layers wet? The items are to be sent to a customer fully layered and for him to just fix the pre layered piece? Would it be easier to layer in the vertical position. I tried removing the full backing piece but found it impossible to line up on a desk when dry? Thanks
  10. dvddvd

    Multi layer vinyl?

    I cut a design out which has 4 colours, i wanted to stack them on top of each other they are very detailed with lots of small pieces. I cut the base layer and i wet the surface with a mist of water with a little soap and put the new layer on top, i could jiggle it about so it lined up perfect ( I had put registration marks on the design too) But it was a right job trying to remove the clear transfer paper and leave the small bits of the design on top of the base layer mainly due to the base layer been damp and the size of the new layer parts, i did squezee as much water as i could. Is there any tips on doing this? Would it be better to leave the second layer to dry completly before trying to remove the clear transfer paper? Any tips would be welcomed? Due to the actual size and small detail of the design, and some bits seemed a little off you need to jiggle it about a bit to get it to look right so doing it dry would be more of a nightmare thanks
  11. dvddvd

    vinyl on inside of a window?

    Thanks will do
  12. dvddvd

    vinyl on inside of a window?

    it would be used on a piece of perspex which is on a lightbox. I could stick it to the front of the perspex but was thinking ofsticking it to the inside of the perspex
  13. dvddvd

    vinyl on inside of a window?

    Hi all, How would normal vinyl look if you mirrored cut it and then stuck it to the inside of a window viewed from the outside ? So you would be viewing the adhesive side ? thanks
  14. Hi I googled how to add extra weeding lines to a piece ready to be cut and found this from a few years ago... I sent file to cutter etc and can add a weedbox but can not find how you can double click on the edge to add more? Am i on the right track? thanks