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    New business and new to sublimation

    Thank you Dakotagrafx, if I stick with the Epson, what paper/media do you use on your mugs?
  2. Hi, I am new and have NO prior experience in printing sublimation. I have watched tons of Youtube videos and countless DIY's. So I ended up starting with an Epson WF 7710 with the extra CSI ink tank. I might have finally found the right paper to use, but now I am wanting to expand to making mugs, tumblers, etc. The videos I have been finding all say that I need to use sublimation and need a different printer and that the Sawgrass 800 is the best way to go. BUT before I buy another printer, can you please tell me, does it actually work, what kind of materials do I need to buy to print on and what paper is the best to use? TIA for any and all help with this.