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  1. True...thank you mz. skeeter.
  2. I want to put my cutter in a difrent room my work space is too cramped..I want to change the wires going from pc to titan 2 cutter, to a length of about 40 ft .will this affect the cutter in any way?
  3. Sarjento956

    Can i have my setup on carpet?

    Thank you for the fast respond...i should be fine then since u have had it on a carpet room.. i shall continue with changing rooms.
  4. I need to change my work area to a carpet room but i have read somewhere about static issues and that they might mess up the motherboard of the this true...any tips you all may have would be very much appreciated 28 inch Titan 2 on the metal rack
  5. Sarjento956

    Need info on what type of vinyl to use

    Wow thank you all for the tips n trick ur the best..didnt think about the curves on the card ..cuz yea the clear tranfer tape is kinda thick and keeps straight ..i have the masking tape but doesnt look as good on the decal...ill try the weed lines i found it on the software
  6. Sarjento956

    Need info on what type of vinyl to use

    What is weed lines? I have vinyl master was a little trickey to peel it but i figured out that if i pull fast the vinyl will come off easily and then use the exactoknife for the Os in letters... Speed 108 Preasure 78 45 degree knife Yes it has transparent transfer tape
  7. Sarjento956

    Need info on what type of vinyl to use

    I did my hand hurt took me about 5 hrs had to take breaks in between ..first real vinyl job getting paid tommorrow . On titan 2 the vinyl hangs but it hits the metal frame of the stand after a long roll out but if i move the vinyl anyfurther out i dont think the blade will start on the vinyl its kinda closeany tips?
  8. Sarjento956

    Need info on what type of vinyl to use

    Thansk skeeter ive see u here for years ..i finally decided to get the titan 2 from uscutter your expirience,would it be best to give my customer the vinyl with out the transfer tape on it and have him do the transfering or i should just give the product to him ready to transfer consern is that he wants 100 decals if they stay long enough on the shelf will it be hard to remove from the paper the vinyl is sitting on...this happend to one of my own projects some letters were tearing off with the backing of the vinyl paper and i dont want it to happen to my customers
  9. I have a customer that asked for a logo to put on the back of vehicles for his auto sales question is what types of vinyl number will be good for those types of will go on the paint of the vehicles i currently have the green star brand that came with titan 2 pack starter kit..thanks in advance I have tried googleing i cant find the answer online Also is their a website to see like a graph of what diffrent vinyls are good for what materials?