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  1. cobweb

    Industrial decals

    Thank you. What material and ink would you suggest?
  2. cobweb

    Industrial decals

    Thank you for the feedback. As I am not familiar with this topic, I don't understand your suggestions. Eco solvent and lam? $15K is also higher than I can go.
  3. cobweb

    Industrial decals

    Not complex at all. I will only be printing text such as part numbers. White background with black text. No graphics, maybe simple one color company logo. Again, very low quantities. just a few a day. Vinyl was my first thought, but I'm no expert. Durability is my main goal.
  4. cobweb

    Industrial decals

    Hello Folks, I'm new to the decal process and have a few questions. I am looking for a solution for an outdoor industrial application. I will be placing decals on machined steel part, some painted, some bare metal. These will be used outdoors for 7-10 years in a wet, dirty and greasy environment. I am looking for the best adhesive and most durable material I can find. I will also be printing text on the material (Part numbers, etc.). I plan to purchase a printer capable of printing both dye and pigment on rolls of print material. Decals will typically be about 4 inches square. Low volume printing of maybe 10 decals a day. What would be the best material, ink, and machine for this application? Many thanks!!