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  1. HEBERT2007

    Help Help! Everything I send to cutter is cutting tiny!

    YOU ARE A LIFESAVER!!!! THANK YOU SO SO MUCH! I literally have been sitting at my computer crying for the past few hours! FIXED! I owe you!!!!!
  2. HEBERT2007

    Help Help! Everything I send to cutter is cutting tiny!

    I'm not sure what you are exactly talking about "cut window" but everything that shows somewhere to have numbers has numbers. Even when I click to cut is reads the cut tile section as what it should be but still cuts very small.
  3. HEBERT2007

    Help Help! Everything I send to cutter is cutting tiny!

    I'm using signblazer. Everything was working fine then my husband tried to see if could learn to use the program and vinyl cutter all in one night, next thing I know everything is screwed up!
  4. HEBERT2007

    Help Help! Everything I send to cutter is cutting tiny!

    UsCutter MS 721
  5. Please someone help me!!!! I'm sure there is some quick fix but I can't figure it out! No matter what I try to cut text or picture it is cutting super tiny! Example: text shows on screen 12x6 and shows in print screen 12x6 but cuts on cutter like 1x1 Please please tell me how to fix before I go insane!
  6. I have never had this problem and can't figure out what the heck is going on! No matter what size I put text or picture to on program it shows even when I send it to cut the correct size. Yet the cutter is shrinking everything! Example: word is set to cut at 10"X2" then cuts at 1"X1" Is there a setting or something that is off? Please help! Thanks in advance! Heather
  7. Ok that worked thanks a bunch! Can anyone help with this one as well?
  8. HEBERT2007

    Dr. Seuss Needed ASAP Please!

    Oh ok...Thanks, yes I am very new!
  9. HEBERT2007

    Dr. Seuss Needed ASAP Please!

    No! No! Party favors for nephews birthday!
  10. I am needing an image of the cat in the hat or just the hat from Dr. Seuss. I found some images but can't seem to get them to vectorize like I need. The Cat in the Hat I can open it in Photoshop in color and see the differences of the picture, but when I open it in SignBlazer everything goes into one and it is all black. Is there a way to vectorize this so that I can add the colors where needed when I cut with different color vinyl? Cat_in_the_Hat.eps Cat_in_the_Hat.eps
  11. HEBERT2007

    Dr. Seuss Needed ASAP Please!

    Does anyone have anything like the Cat in the Hat or just the hat from Dr. Seuss? Have deadline and completely stumped! Thanks, Heather
  12. Thanks guys! Pretty much what ya'll are getting is the same thing that I was getting. Either the whole thing goes black or there are several lines in the horse and I can't get it to cut like that. But thanks for trying I really appreciate it! Thanks, Heather
  13. My daughter's dance team is going to State All American Dance Competitions this weekend! Yay! Can anyone please help, I can't get this to vectorize and want to make a sign using it! Thanks in advance! central-dancin-mustangs1.pdf central-dancin-mustangs1.pdf
  14. HEBERT2007

    pre-made vector designs

    Hi all! I am new to all of this, so please bare with me...I was just wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction of where I could purchase ready made designs for vinyl cutting? I know of myvinyldesigner.com and vinylreadydesigns.com, but I am looking for more designs. I also, just to make clear what I am looking for is not sites that have clipart and such, but more on the lines of word art, word blocks, etc. Thanks in advance! Heather
  15. HEBERT2007

    Completely Confused!!!

    Good morning Everyone! I am new to the forum, new to SignBlazer, new to the whole experience of vinyl cutting! I had a small machine (Silhouette) and everything was so simple and self explainable. I used that machine for about 2 weeks before deciding that I wanted to do bigger and better things so I upgraded to a 24" machine. My problem is that when I try to put more than one design or text on the same page it will not cut everything the same. All of the text will cut, then I have to print again for all of the images. Is there a way to cut text and images at the same time? Also, is there a way to put several things on a page for it all to cut so that I can save some vinyl! I am new so I am sure there is a simple fix for this. Thanks in advance! ~Heather