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  1. Grandpa

    Uscutter discount codes

  2. I think I ordered a copam Years again and I had a problem motherboard they sent out two I believe and resolved it..
  3. Grandpa

    Uscutter discount codes

    Are there any discount codes I’m messing for vinyl or tape..Thanks
  4. Grandpa


    Never did like Sketos @thatsall
  5. Grandpa


  6. My technique is to adjust blade enough sticking out that when drag thumb across it it drags a little on thumb finger..flex 8 pro on 7 professional..and it is set to 0.. Thanks.. I just wouldn't think the arms system would come into play with these 24 inch systems.. But would like input if they are any more uses other than digital print...I was thinking maybe water slide decals...
  7. Not to change post BUT how would contour cut be used..If you printed something ..ect..what media you contour cut on ...I understand contour cut but don't know when you would use it?
  8. On a fine cut 1/4 in letters it's snagging corners...should I round corners in software?
  9. Oh I got the stand and set it up and cutter on all paper work and disk
  10. Thought you might like my post swatter
  11. Ok Thanks for your Support here.. I definitely had to change to HP-GL..!! Great Support ... Carry On helping people....!
  12. Yep..evidently they used roller trayers rather than the stand...I got two roller trays for 24 inch media..
  13. I don't see wear it showing excessive wear where vinyl has ridden on front or in knife tray where you cut media off..
  14. Just cut my first letters...perfect...Thanks..
  15. Tons of graphics I have saved..I had all the smart designs and all the aurora....Dakotas...