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    Sublimation mistakes on backside of fabric

    Hi Dakotagrafx, Thank you for your tips. Cause of you i have some new idea to test. I let you know. Thx.
  2. halima

    Sublimation mistakes on backside of fabric

    Hi Dakotagrafx, Of course I use protective paper on the platen. When protective paper is new everything good. But after 3 press marks (like ink gasses) begins to appear on the backside of the fabric. As protective paper I use sublimation paper or craft paper. Craft paper is better I have to change it after 5 press. But when you have 2500pcs towel production it takes a lot of protective paper and a lot of time to cut it and replace it.... If I find a solution to avoid this marks or to only change protective paper every 50 press it would be better. What kind of protective paper shall I take? Thx
  3. Hi everybody, I have color marks on the back side of fabric after press. Most of the time with blue color. But with yellow too. Kind of product: soccer jersey , towels Printer: Epson SCF7200 720x720 2 pass Ultrachrome DS epson ink. Press 200°C 40 seconds press time 3bars pressure Underlay protection paper: i use used sublimation paper or craft paper I try to increase and decrease pressure but with no result. Increase and decrease pressing time. To avoid this problem I have to change underlay protection paper every 3pcs. But i'm loosing a lot time. I have 2 press machine of 2 different brand. The problem is the same on the both machine. Somebody can help me to solve this problem ? I 'm out of idea. thx a lot.