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    Hello from a beginner

    Hello to all from Minnesota. I recently acquired a Mimaki cutter and have very little experience. With this forum's help I hope to have it up and running tut sweet! Thanks, -Dave
  2. dave532

    Hello from a beginner

    Thanks again to all, my projects are relatively simple but I heard that getting something to talk to a Mimaki was difficult. Looking forward to trying these ideas out. I'll start installing/hopefully cutting this weekend.
  3. dave532

    Hello from a beginner

    Outstanding....this is very helpful! I was not aware of Signblazer, that sounds like it is exactly what I need. Do you suggest a cheaper laptop due to the need for a serial port? Or an older operating system?
  4. dave532

    Hello from a beginner

    Unusually warm so no complaints....yet. I have a need to make simple numbers and letters for my race car. My sponsor used to do this for me but eventually just gave me his Mimaki CG-60st and plenty of vinyl. Unfortunately the computer and software he was using with it died and is not recoverable. So I came upon this forum in hopes of finding software that will work with my cutter and also learning other tips in using the cutter with my workstation or laptop, etc. -Dave