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  1. Is a carrier mat something that I need to buy, or is it just a piece of sturdy plastic? I will still need some adhesive on it, right?
  2. Thank you - will look into that!
  3. Hello, this is my first time on this forum and I don`t have much cutting experience (except for my Silhouette machine). I am looking for a machine that is able to cut mylar (7 mil) for re-usable craft stencils - I am planning to start a stencil line, so I need clean cuts and the ability to cut a lot. I just got off the line with the customer support - they didn't know what mylar is and said that I probably shouldn't buy a machine that doesn't work with the material they carry. I also searched the forum but got even more confused - it looked that many people struggle with mylar. Can anyone help me with this question? My budget is up to $1000, but no more... Thank you.