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    Different blades(scoring?) for GCC Sable?

    That's good to know. Are there any good cutting mats that don't require adhesive, or maybe have a better adhesive than the Cricuts use?
  2. Let me start off by saying, I'm a magician and it leads me into some of the most interesting fields while trying to accomplish some of my feats. I happened to need some paper cut in a very specific place and decided that while I could use an Xacto knife, I would prefer something with a bit more precision. In my brainstorming I realized I could use a vinyl cutter and considered my Cricut but I'm really unhappy with how it works and I need this paper to not curl which it will tend to do if I have to pull it off of my Cricut's mat, so I decided to look for a used vinyl cutter and I actually found 2 that were working and in pretty good shape, a GCC Sable, and a Graphtec CE2000-60. The guy selling offered me pair for $50 more than I was about to buy the Graphtec for so how could I resist. I'm currently wrestling with getting the drivers/hardware setup just right for the Graphtec(the previous owner was using a USB<->parallel adapter that I can't seem to get seen as a printer even though the system knows its there) but I got the Sable up and running in a few hours after wrestling with the driver installer that kept telling me it was the wrong size(I have a solution for that if anyone ever needs it). Anyway, one of my projects requires me to score the paper for creasing. I know that scoring "blades" exist but I'm unsure where to look for them, especially for my Sable. Anyone got any leads? Also, should I be using a paper-specific blade for cutting or will the vinyl blade suffice? Thanks for reading my long intro and thanks in advance for any help offered. Eric