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  1. Foolish Oaf

    Graphtec CE7000 improvements worth it?

    Quick question, are the programs that come with Graphtec cutters usually tied to the cutter. I would just need to enter in the serial number to have access to Graphtec's own cutting software? I think the max I'll go for is a FC8000 unless I find a really good deal for the FC8600 but it seems like at that point, I would have to be in the business of contour cutting. I'm hoping to upgrade to get into the servo motor lifestyle but really curious of the difference considering that I seem to cut pretty accurately to my liking by messing with the offset and overcut. I'm hoping with the accuracy of the servo motor, that making layered designs would be a lot more accurate (since I do seem to have that problem where my markings either come short or just somehow shrunk and not able to line them up accurately) I don't doubt the Graphtec brand as I've been hearing high praises for them. I'm more concerned about using used graphtec cutters since I'm seeing really high prices for replacement parts that are more serious and not minor. Would you be able to offer the main aspects of the cutters I should be looking out for when purchasing used like pinch rollers?
  2. Foolish Oaf

    Graphtec CE7000 improvements worth it?

    Appreciate the response! I'm based in Houston! I wouldn't mind an FC although I've heard heard conflicting things about CE and FC. Not to waste time on the CE version of the Graphtec line and that FC being mainly used for industrial production while hearing great things about the CE and stuff. But I suppose that's just someone having a bad day/experience. I'll definitely check out FC listings on eBay. I've done some research about the FC as well but didn't get much info other than that it can cut faster (not that it really matters) and can cut thicker materials. I guess may main concern is problems that COULD occur and don't want to be SOL when it starts acting up weird. But I am now also leaning towards the FC now haha.
  3. I'm looking into upgrading from the TITAN cutter to a Graphtec. Maybe a Roland, but I've heard Graphtec is more accurate or whatnot. I've been eyeing the CE7000-60 but I've seen a craiglist ad for a like new CE6000-60 for about $1200 and wondering if I would be missing out much from the improvements made on the CE7000. Basically just better ARMS is what I'm reading since I won't be doing fancy stuff like contour cutting. Also any pointers on what I should look out for when purchasing used cutters. Thanks!
  4. Foolish Oaf

    Design weeds better based on direction of the design.

    I'll check to see if the cutting strip needs replacing or not. Thank you! When the design is cut horizontally, the weeding sooooo smooth. Pretty effortless. However when I cut the designs vertically (to use as much space as possible due to the limited 12" cutter I have) it doesn't have the same feel as the horizontal cuts. Even as I increase the pressure, it sounds scratchy when weeding and overall a tough weed process. I'm using a TITAN 1 cutter and can't wait to get a Graphtec machine one day (Once I have the available space!) I'll definitely try that out! Did not know that the blade rotates 360°! Thank you for the tip!
  5. As I was changing a new blade, I run a test cut to make sure which pressure is fine and all but for some reason, it doesn't weed as smoothly when I configure and start cutting the actual design. The test cut design is small and placed horizontally while the actual design I plan to cut are placed vertically. Wanted to know more about what could cause the issue and see what I would need to do to fix it.