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  1. Im also happy to use any software that will work, suggestions on software that will work I will use.
  2. Thanks guys Cutting software i'm using now has been Signcut or Coreldraw and the other one was easy cut studio. None seemed to work If I may ask, what is Null modem cable?
  3. Hi Guys I have stumbled upon a Refine EH721 Vinyl Cutter and only have access to Windows 10 Pc's (Laptop) and no matter what Forum I read and what I do, I cannot seem to get it to connect the Laptop. I am using a cable that goes from the Cutter to a USB, its Called a RS2320 to USB, I have tried many different drivers but feel I am doing something wrong. I'm not super smart with this stuff but I usually do figure it out. I have downloaded many different Cutting software including Signblazer. Is there something I'm missing? Much appreciated thank you.