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  1. Hello. I have been looking into getting a vinyl cutter and have decided on the graphtec ce6000. This will be the first vinyl cutting machine I have owned. I do some powder coating on the side and want a vinyl cutter to be able to cut more complex maskings and graphics. I can see that I will have the opportunity with the cutter to add another potential income stream. What I’m trying to decide is how much more opportunity the ce6000 120 will provide. Or would I be better of getting a printer to do color graphics to compliment the 24” machine. Thanks I value others knowledge and experience.
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    Graph ref Ce6000 60 vs 120

    Thanks for the info Dakota. The graphtec definitely seems to be the best option.
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    Graph ref Ce6000 60 vs 120

    Thanks guys. That’s great info for me. I’m just getting going and I want to buy the right equipment so I can grow with it. I had wondered about what you said Dakota about breaking up larger jobs in segments. I have been leaning towards the graphtec. There seems to be a lot of instructional videos out there which I will need. I fairly new to this so there is a big learning curve ahead. So a user friendly machine is important. Hopefully I can turn it into some decent income. Thanks again guys you info is greatly appreciated.