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    Pressure change

    And I do. Especially since I cut my stencils material with a cutting mat. But my issue is why it changed in the middle of a cut with no changes being made to setup or material. If the blade is set any lower than I have it now, it cuts across the material. this has been fine until yesterday. No big deal. I'll figure it out. I just didn't want to have to keep double cutting. I thought someone might know why it changed during a cut I made a couple hundred times.
  2. tracienvegas

    Pressure change

    OK, let me put in measurements for you. The blasé depth that shows is 1/32 of an inch.
  3. tracienvegas

    Pressure change

    Same way as always. Using the depth of a credit card for the amount of blade exposed. Is that what you meant?
  4. tracienvegas

    Pressure change

    Original setup was speed of 80 and force of 234. It cut perfect. I've been using this setting for months now. I've replaced blades before also. This issue started during a cut. I tried a couple different blades. I'm using 60 degree. Checked for holder and made sure no loose pieces were on the machine. And thanks for replying and trying to help!
  5. So I cut a lot of 6mil stencils. Up until yesterday, it only took one pass to cut. Now I have to do 2 passes and it still isn't completely clean. I tried a new blade. The material is from the same pack. No settings were changed. Is there something I need to adjust or look to see if there is interference? It's not cutting clean on vinyl either. It's almost like something is keeping it from applying the correct pressure.
  6. tracienvegas

    Cutting Mat/6mil acetate

    Yes, I meant 6 mil. I'm not really worried about size. Typically they are under 8". I'm more concerned about clean cuts.
  7. Will I be able to use a cutting mat to cut 6mil acetate with the SC2? I cut a lot of stencils with that material now. Thanks.