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    CAD Models

    Yea, I've made a few that are a direct drop in. Was experimenting with some that required more space than the .46" of the standard carrier. Just replacing the swing arm part with one that's larger. I assumed the answer would be a resounding no on CAD models, but worth asking.
  2. cegan09

    CAD Models

    I suspect the answer to this question will be no, but I'm asking just in case. Do cad models of any parts of the MH series cutters exist? I'm trying to make holders for various pens/markers to use with the MH871, which involved replacing the swing arm on the cutting head. I can reverse engineer the parts fine, but it's easier to start with the source files. I'm used to the 3d printer world where most things are open source. I wouldn't expect detailed models with every single part, I realize this isn't an open source product. But if a model of just the cutting head attachment was available, that would be nice. Again, expecting to be told no, but asking just in case it isn't.