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  1. I got it working Mz. Skeeter, thank you for your quick response and helpful knowledge. much appreciated.
  2. hi everyone, im a super newbie, looking for help so go easy on me, I cant seem to get the drivers installed correctly on my Graphtec craft robo pro CE5000-40. the machine shows up as usb printing support unspecified. ive already tried updating the drivers, ive uninstalled the drivers , ive went thru serveral tutorials, but the machine when plugged in , shows its a usb print suport
  3. yes that's exactly when I began having issues, shortly after the last update. then again I seem to take anything computer related like its a rocket science course, when in fact it was a super simple set up... I got it working after a week of frustration, high blood pressure, and the invention of tons of new cuss words....and now I shall cut away. …..thank you for responding …….y'all are the best!...
  4. thank you MZ SKEETER. appreciate your help.
  5. its on GL-GL, is there a way to back my way outta the mess I created and start fresh, ill look at sign blazer, if its a bit easier to work with.
  6. CorelDraw x7 cutting master 2, yes ive plugged it in and it syncs forever. I also tried using the graphtech studio. im now confused by the whole set up, is the ce5000-40 too old to use with windows 10.? do I even need the drivers to cut? like I said im a newbie im gonna ask newbie questions
  7. I meant it shows up as "unspecified" usb printing support