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  1. I did everything the USCutter help desk told me to do and it still didn’t fix it. The only thing that has allowed me to use SCALP4 without these issues is installing windows on my MacBook. It’s annoying to have to switch over to windows just to cut vinyl but at least it’s something. Clearly it’s a Mac OS issue because SCALP4 works fine on windows without the “offset” issues.
  2. Thank you for the suggestion! Unfortunately it doesn’t support the type of files I’ve been using. (I turn my handlettering i do on my iPad into wood signs using vinyl stencil. I like the basic ness of SCALP4). So I may try uninstalling the Mac iOS upgrade and see if that fixes it. I really hope that works.
  3. Do you know of any other software that is compatible with Mac that is good? I have deadlines I need to meet and this making it very challenging.
  4. TEST cut looks perfect. So I'm guessing it's SCALP.
  5. SCALP sets the offset and I’ve tried tweaking it but it doesn’t fix it. This is so frustrating! Do you think I should call SCALP or Titan for support?
  6. Hoping someone can help me out. I updated the iOS on my Mac which then required me to update SCALP4. I then did a large print job (well large for my small, part time business I run out of my basement) and it has messed everything up. It seems to mess up with sharp turns. Any thoughts? This has never happened before. The star should have perfect points but now they look like starfish.