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  1. sisabdulax

    Beginner Question

  2. sisabdulax

    Beginner Question

    Sorry folks got tied up at work. Sounds like unfortunately I do have the MH series. The program is the vinyl master one that came with it. Viynyl I got cheap stuff from walmart cricut brand. I thought of trying thinner stuff if available. Being new to this what brands are good as far as vinyl goes. Thanks all for the help. Mike
  3. sisabdulax

    Beginner Question

    Hey All, I mainly got set up to make stencils for electro etching. Issue I have been dealing with is small lettering ( 1/8" tall). it seems the vinyl wants to separate on the smaller parts, like the center of an "O". I am using the 45 deg cutter. I've tried adjusting speeds and pressure. Pressure seemed to help some. Is there anything else I can do? thinner vinyl? Appreciate any help. Mike
  4. sisabdulax

    Hey all!

    Thank you all
  5. sisabdulax

    Hey all!

    Hello, New to the whole vinyl cutting world. I mainly got this to make stencils for electro etching and painting. Looking forward to learning much more. Ill get to reading so I cabn avoid asking the simple questions! Mike