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    Pix Max help

    Yeah it came free with a year.I thought it was a trademark of some kind but cleared everything do with it and it doesnt show on the cut screen that its going cut it even on the animated previews. So its a strange one.Wondering if the cutter is a bit iffy going try return it with been so new
  2. cleverdave2k

    Pix Max help

    The sign cuts sample on the lowest speed the cutter can do. Just looks completely random the times it does go wrong.Also that bloody square any ideas what it is.Always puts it over a logo
  3. cleverdave2k

    Pix Max help

    Just tested the blade is ok just hitting the vinyl and checked the vinyl backing defo no scratches Its sign cut 2 pro it came with the cutter.Its a odd program every cut it decides to a random square through the design lol.The letters where just from a simple black and shite image traced with inkscape The offset is a bit confusing as its saying thats the default for a roland 45 degree blade on sign cuts is 0.0095 but i found 0.0107 to be better
  4. cleverdave2k

    Pix Max help

    Hiya can anyone help im at my wits end Every design i make looks so jaggy and well put it straight crap The offset tests dont look to bad sure it wouldnt effect straight lines The cutter is only 2 days old so blade should be brilliant.Using force of 80 and speed of 150 I had a roland before so not sure if im just been a bit to picky