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  1. this dots appears about a week after placement. Vinyl is from " Stahls "
  2. Maybe this 2 lanes on the lens do not mean 2mm, becouse i berelly feel it on my finger. and it is not 2mm at all... it is less then 1mm.. maybe it is my mistake to call it 2mm...
  3. i will check this, it makes sense. just long job is cutting now. have to wait it.
  4. When i do this, blade holder is dragging heavilly into the vinyl, will make video soon.
  5. Test with text size returned to orriginal 65mm - Perfect. Looked thru the lens for adjusting the blade to tell you how much is the depth Now it is 2mm , reaching exactly the second line So settings for me are Offset +2 Speed 20cm/s Force 11 Blade lenght : 2 stripes for the PM-CT-001 Will write again after the test with 200 words is finished.
  6. Lets try again with the first test with +2 offset First test settings : Speed is 25cm/s Offset 0 + 2Force 11 Result - Again alot of Uncut letters, BUT Corners are better!!! So the Offset will be +3 and lines are good. Next to clear is the Uncut lines. Will turn knife depth with 1 point Okay results are better now. forgot to take photo. Turned the knob 3 points and Uncut area are gone. and turned the text position. When turned the text, offset 3 did not work, So i returned to offset 2 So after blade depth was increased with 3 point from the knob , text was turned 90" and offset returned to +2 Result is in the video. Now will run cutting 200 words and hoping it will go fine. 0-02-05-9444cf3bcbfcd5a5bc648b66bf4ecf94ddcce4d9bd0b02c95cbf25eab78d3624_f2e74e9.mp4
  7. Next test 20cm/s force 9 ( -2 from previous ) offset 0 result : MORE problems and more uncutted places. 0-02-05-d83af5d90bb395affba976e4381728b352e7df11e1cecc01b26f79abe82ee595_66cf7f09.mp4
  8. So , when speed is LOW, not cutting all the way, This test is with 35cm/s Force 11 Offset 0 Again same letters are not cut properly. 0-02-04-db76fcdf56d7da9a921faf8699b4eec41012d4785e3a97037f63b4cd9beadc09_c2a7807a.mp4
  9. this test is with Speed 15cm/s Force 11 Offset 0 SAME words Once cuttet OK, but then not.. 0-02-04-9fcda7083689d0984615bd30fe73d4173b67984ae97b37c5fe53e3ef843dd8d2_aaa45e2e.mp4 0-02-04-8f76c0399bd89e0860bc47c65ec2e3b12de118c2f033b83716daa9dffedbcd71_cbab145b.mp4
  10. arround 50cm of vinyl is ganging between Roll and cutter. NOT direct from roll, this was the first lesson from Graphtec videos. This test is with larger font . It was 65mm now it is 68mm here is more clear how Lines are not cut streight. And at first words No problems, but in last words - problems. You can see in video. Speed is 25cm/s Offset 0 Force 11 IMG_7601.MOV
  11. Just 2 small dots in the right end, near the weel. it is smooth all the way.
  12. AAAAAAAAAAAAAA the black plastic lane under the blade ... 1 moment to see this
  13. Offset is 0 , What is "Gouges in cutting strip " I can not translate this to understand it.