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  1. What ? I am cutting the vinyl ofcorse, but when peeling off it is leaving some strange traces of glue arround the cuts and it is hard to pull the vinyl. The matte and the transperant parts are both the waxpaper, both are with glue, But on the transperant part it is verry hard to pull the vinyl up.
  2. Hello, New problem on the horizon Black part of Vinyl is cutted good and smooth, But the sticky part is verry bad, verry hard to pull on places arround the cuts . But if the stiky part is clear, it is verry easy to pull up. Anybody know what is the problem ?
  3. this dots appears about a week after placement. Vinyl is from " Stahls "
  4. Maybe this 2 lanes on the lens do not mean 2mm, becouse i berelly feel it on my finger. and it is not 2mm at all... it is less then 1mm.. maybe it is my mistake to call it 2mm...
  5. i will check this, it makes sense. just long job is cutting now. have to wait it.
  6. When i do this, blade holder is dragging heavilly into the vinyl, will make video soon.
  7. Test with text size returned to orriginal 65mm - Perfect. Looked thru the lens for adjusting the blade to tell you how much is the depth Now it is 2mm , reaching exactly the second line So settings for me are Offset +2 Speed 20cm/s Force 11 Blade lenght : 2 stripes for the PM-CT-001 Will write again after the test with 200 words is finished.
  8. Lets try again with the first test with +2 offset First test settings : Speed is 25cm/s Offset 0 + 2Force 11 Result - Again alot of Uncut letters, BUT Corners are better!!! So the Offset will be +3 and lines are good. Next to clear is the Uncut lines. Will turn knife depth with 1 point Okay results are better now. forgot to take photo. Turned the knob 3 points and Uncut area are gone. and turned the text position. When turned the text, offset 3 did not work, So i returned to offset 2 So after blade depth was increased with 3 point from the knob , text was turned 90" and offset returned to +2 Result is in the video. Now will run cutting 200 words and hoping it will go fine. 0-02-05-9444cf3bcbfcd5a5bc648b66bf4ecf94ddcce4d9bd0b02c95cbf25eab78d3624_f2e74e9.mp4
  9. Next test 20cm/s force 9 ( -2 from previous ) offset 0 result : MORE problems and more uncutted places. 0-02-05-d83af5d90bb395affba976e4381728b352e7df11e1cecc01b26f79abe82ee595_66cf7f09.mp4
  10. So , when speed is LOW, not cutting all the way, This test is with 35cm/s Force 11 Offset 0 Again same letters are not cut properly. 0-02-04-db76fcdf56d7da9a921faf8699b4eec41012d4785e3a97037f63b4cd9beadc09_c2a7807a.mp4
  11. this test is with Speed 15cm/s Force 11 Offset 0 SAME words Once cuttet OK, but then not.. 0-02-04-9fcda7083689d0984615bd30fe73d4173b67984ae97b37c5fe53e3ef843dd8d2_aaa45e2e.mp4 0-02-04-8f76c0399bd89e0860bc47c65ec2e3b12de118c2f033b83716daa9dffedbcd71_cbab145b.mp4
  12. arround 50cm of vinyl is ganging between Roll and cutter. NOT direct from roll, this was the first lesson from Graphtec videos. This test is with larger font . It was 65mm now it is 68mm here is more clear how Lines are not cut streight. And at first words No problems, but in last words - problems. You can see in video. Speed is 25cm/s Offset 0 Force 11 IMG_7601.MOV
  13. Just 2 small dots in the right end, near the weel. it is smooth all the way.
  14. AAAAAAAAAAAAAA the black plastic lane under the blade ... 1 moment to see this