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  1. Dakotagrafx thanks!! That was it. I was able to use the reduce node tool in the software to correct the problem. Thanks for the help!
  2. Never thought to look at that since I've never had that issue after vectorizing.... Looked with node editing mode and I think that's what it is... Guess I'll have to have them search for their original vector artwork. Is there any automated way to reduce the nodes?
  3. I can share it. Here is the PNG from which I have been vectorizing. I've tried other files of the same image with no luck. Never had this happen on any other image before
  4. Been using a Titan 2 for a couple years with no problems paired with VinylMaster Cut LTR with no problems.... I have a design that was converted to vector by the software and it looks fine. When I go to cut it, the cutter moves super slow no matter what setting the speed is set to. I've tried creating a new file and testing with other images.... it only ever has an issue with this one specific image and I can't figure out why. Any help is appreciated