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  1. I converted the single image file to .eps and tried it again with no success. I'm just going to have to print smaller lengths and toy with margins to make it work for now until i can get software that can handle larger prints.
  2. i don't believe this supports any file formats for import other than gstudio, jpg, png, tiff and bmp. if you look at the attached file, look at the "e" in angelo. the left side of the letter has that shift. usually runs all the way up the whole page at the area.angelothekid_sticker.gstudio
  3. correct. I've confirmed the issue occurs when graphtec studio is processing the image for print. its not a printer problem. only thing affecting it that ive noticed is the margin distance and the actual size of the print.
  4. if i set the print margin to -.3" on all sides and print on nothing bigger than a 24" wide by 20" tall area, it doesn't affect the print when it processes it. anything larger it will give me the issues in what looks to me like pixels shifting slightly. keeping the page size smaller and using the margin settings it will print fine. but i need to be able to print longer prints. seems like a flaw in graphtec studio to me. in design window it will look perfect no matter how much you zoom it, but when the software processes it for print is when the error occurs. I've reached out to graphtec america via phone and email multiple times and have not gotten a response from them other than to use ilustrator with the cutting master plugin. I'm not familiar with illustrator at all, and when i tried watching tutorials for print and cut things were not working as they did for the person in the video. Aside from that, for what these machines cost i shouldn't be dealing with these issues with they're actual software. they seem to be blowing off mac users with problems.
  5. OS X 10.13.6 high sierra, graphtec studio version 2.2.1267gs. if opened in graphtec studio it will look fine. my problem is when it is processing the image for print. if i goto file and print, with my page setup set to 0 margin, instead of printing, i can preview it in viewer on my mac. if i do that, and view the preview in actual size, you can see shifts in the pixels across certain areas of the page. almost as if that line across the page shifted to the left or up/down. try opening it in viewer and seeing if you an see the slight shifts. it prints this way, but i can see if it will happen in viewer saving me time and material. still have not figured this out. possibly has something to do aliasing? or how its setup on the page, resampling when the software is re-scaling? I'm lost !!
  6. thanks. UPDATE: if i reduce the size to 24x20.5 and set the non printable area to -.30" at all sides (within the page setup screen), it will not have shifts in the print. not sure how i can correct this so i can print any size. I would prefer to print a longer area at a time but this is the work around for the time being. I'm assuming this is a problem within graphtec studio software (for mac osx). I just wish I could figure this becoming a thorn in my butt.
  7. Sorry for the delay! Still encountering this problem. if someone can help me solve this, i will gladly pay them! Print and cut from graphtec studio (mac). design screen shows perfectly fine. when i get to the page where i send it to print, i can "preview it in viewer" on my mac without printing it yet. when i do that, and view it at actual size, i can see the errors. the errors are occurring when it processes the page right before the print options window appears. i tried adjusting margins, layout of the images across the page, leaving more empty space at the top and bottom seemed to help, but not much. same thing with the left and right sides as well. here is a screen shot of what its doing to the image. I'm putting one image, about 40-50 times on a 24" x 30" page. I attached the .gstudio file I'm using. It seems the wherever the errors are, they run either straight across the whole print, or straight up the print. sometimes both. it looks like the image shifts to the left and mis-aligns itself slightly. when i bring the image into graphtec studio, its brought in at 300dpi, one image. i then set the contour lines and duplicate the image to fill the page. then i add my reg marks. the images are almost always .png format with no background. hope this info can help someone help me figure this out! thanks in advance!!!! angelothekid_sticker.gstudio
  8. What is your email? I can send you the gstudio file or export it as a pdf and send it to you as well.
  9. I do two passes and I’m cutting through laminated Calendared vinyl. Vinyl is 11mil and laminate it 3 mil. 2 contour cuts and they pop out nice and clean. Sometimes you have to play with pressure to fine tune it.
  10. Isn’t EPS an adobe illustrator file? Or is it a universal vector file? I don’t have Ai. And I don’t thunk a vector file is required for print and cut. I’m printing the same image fifty times or so on a 24” wide media roll. It is normally around 30” in length. The bottom row, and far right column seem to be the only areas where I have bad image print.
  11. On windows version yes, I’m on a Mac so I cannot.
  12. Pro version is for windows operating systems. I’m on Mac.
  13. The file isnt the problem. My problem is within graphtec studio either when the images get duplicated to fill the page, or when it sends the image for print. I’m trying to figure out a workaround but I’m at a loss now. Ive tried all sorts of things and wasted a ton of ink and material. Need a solution at this point or else I’m going to have to spend a ton on new software and RIP.
  14. I’m using Pixelmator to remove backgrounds, add strokes, and export as png. I’ve tried also jpg. I’m using graphtec studio for Mac and importing my image. A big problem is you can not import anything unless it’s a jpg or png aside from the .gstudio files. So an svg file etc won’t work. It seems like it only happens when I use a lot of area on my canvas. I print on 24” rolls of media. I keep reg marks around .5” away from the job and allows for 2” or more for the pinch rollers when I run it through for perf cuts. I left more space open at the bottom side and it seemed to eliminate the bad print on the bottom row, but not the far right side column. I’ve tried changing DPI, sizing and even file types. I import one image, trace it to get my perf cut line, than group the cut line to the image. Then I use duplicate to fill the page. I usually print 24” x 30” at a time. I’ve noticed printing smaller amounts in the same space may prevent the issue on some occasions. I can even zoom in on my canvas before I print it, and it looks perfect. If I goto Print I have an option of previewing it before print. If I do that and zoom in, I can now see the bad areas which would end up printing poorly. I have no idea how to correct this and using less real estate on my rolls of material isn’t cost effective when I’m only printing on 24” rolls.