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    Cutting direction question

    Thank you for your reply. The SCAL software was included with the cutter. I'm at a point where I can not justify buying more software until it is necessary or I'm doing more with the cutter. I understand setting the origin on the cutter (or at least I think I do)but my problem is the orientation of the cut. For example if I simply use text to make an "A" that is 12" tall and the top of the "A" is toward the feed direction arrow at the top of the mat on the screen. For some reason when I preview the cut or make an actual cut the letter is inverted. Meaning the cut will start at the bottom of the "A" and when the cut is finished the "A" is upside down when I'm looking at it from the front of the machine. This is not actual project. It's just how my cuts have been coming out.
  2. I'm new to cutting vinyl so this is pretty much my first time using any SCAL software but I have experience with cad/cam software. I recently bought a MH721-MK2 and have been able to successfully cut a few pieces. I noticed when the machine starts a cut it moves near the bottom of design and that's where it begins the cut. Is there way to change this so the cut will start at the 0,0 corner of the mat? Of course I wouldn't necessarily use 0,0 as the origin but if possible I want to start my cuts from the arrow side of the mat. This is mostly for preference and what I'm used to with my other pieces of equipment. Is there reason for a cut to be set up to start from the bottom? Thanks in advance for any information.